Flagship phones, smart watches and powerful batteries.


Google I / O is only a few days away, and if everything has been seen, it will almost certainly be our formal introduction to the new Pixel 3a phones. But while those phones are expected to represent a new and more affordable way to join the Pixel Club, you may still be anxious about the power of the clean Pixel 3. Luckily for you, we've been tracking the best deals this week, including one on Google's Android star.

Verizon Pixel 3: $ 300 discount + basically BOGO

OK, then the operator's requirement is not ideal, that is, these savings are outside the credits of the monthly bill distributed over the next two years. But if none of that really matters to you, this still represents a tempting deal. First, buy the normal Pixel 3 and Verizon will reduce $ 300 of the price. Then it will give you $ 800 to apply to a second phone, which means a free Pixel 3 or much more than a Pixel 3 XL.

Samsung Galaxy S10 family: starting at $ 600

Pixel is not your thing? No problem, too, we have an agreement on another of the best flagships of the season, thanks to some eBay discounts on the international edition of the S10, S10 and S10. While that limits the lateral compatibility of the States to a little, you can choose S10e for only $ 591, and S10 for $ 675, or S10 + for $ 775.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: $ 20 discount

Many manufacturers have tested smartwatches only to quickly leave the market, but Samsung has remained long enough to perfect their game. The new Galaxy Watch Active is one of our new favorite models, with a very affordable price. This agreement removes $ 20 from the already low price, which makes wearable to only $ 180. Although the agreement has expired in some retailers, it is still valid in Amazon.

Fossil watches: $ 75 discount.

If you are interested in a little more design than the one offered by Samsung, you can check the spread of the fourth-generation smartwatches available in Fossil. The company has discounted many of these watches from $ 275 to $ 200, but will have to buy one: today, May 5, the last day these prices will be available.

Anchor PowerCore Speed ​​20000 PD: $ 40 off

All these smart devices are great, but how are you going to keep them in good condition? The anchor produces some excellent batteries, with high capacity and fixed charge rates, but can be a bit expensive. That's why we're excited about this coupon code, reducing the PowerCore Speed ​​20000 PD from $ 100 to just $ 60.

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