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FL official says that Burger King workers put dirt on their food, but it was dressing – Trends and viral news

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A Florida police officer who went viral on Facebook claiming that his local Burger King had put something in his food recanted the suit after an investigation found that the restaurant had not made nothing bad.

Ofc. Tim McCormick said he felt a gritty grit on his teeth when he finished a Whopper he had bought at the drive-thru on Tuesday.

"I looked at the last bite of the burger, and it seemed to be a strange material there, it disgusted me and I threw it out the window," McCormick told NBC station WBBH.

He posted on Facebook that he believed he was being attacked, and the message was shared more than 20,000 times.

That caught the attention of the company that owns the Burger King franchise in question, Quality Dining, Inc. The company owns more than 200 restaurants in seven states, including Indiana, primarily Burger King and Chili franchises.

Local police and quality restaurant management reviewed the restaurant's security video and found no evidence that McCormick's food had been tampered with.

Your best estimate of what McCormick tested that day? The restaurant uses a mixture of salt and pepper in their Whoppers. It could also have been a charred piece of hamburger or bacon that was a little on the well-done side.

Ofc. McCormick eliminated his post on Facebook after it was shown that the workers had done nothing wrong.

The President and CEO of Quality Dining, Dan Fitzpatrick, became involved in the investigation, according to the Fort Myers News-Press. He told the newspaper that he does not hold a grudge against Ofc. McCormick for the accusation.

"This is what I will tell you: policemen, first responders, the military, the media and social networks ridicule them at a level that is unprecedented," Fitzpatrick said. "Whatever the conditions, the fact that my employees were unduly accused, should give this officer, for his service, the benefit of the doubt, forgive and move on"


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