Five officers hospitalized after Golden Gate Bridge fentanyl exposure

San Francisco – Four California Highway Patrol officers and one Golden Gate Bridge patrol officer were hospitalized on Sunday for possible fentanyl exposure after responding to a vehicle blocking the Golden Gate Bridge lane.

Around 11:45 am, dispatchers were reported to be calling northbound bridge traffic on behalf of a visibly intoxicated driver, followed by a second call stating that the vehicle collided with a movable median blocker and caused an unconscious CHP Marin spokesperson optical fiber cable, closing at least one lane with the driver. Andrew Barclay said Sunday afternoon.

When officers arrived at the scene and located the vehicle, one entered to check on the driver and parked the vehicle in preparation for tow removal. Firefighters from the San Francisco Fire Department also responded to the driver.

Moments later after a tow truck moved it from the bridge onto the Alexander Avenue ramp, the officer who had swerved into the vehicle became violently ill and nearly fainted. Shortly afterwards, the tow truck driver and a second CHP officer began displaying signs of possible fentanyl exposure, Barclay said.

As other officers and paramedics arrived at the scene, they began to use Narcan dosages stationed in the department, with the earliest attention to the primary deployed officer who received the largest fentanyl exposure.

By the time the situation was under control, at least two other CHP officers and a Golden Gate Bridge patrol officer had also appeared for a total of seven people, including the original driver. The CHP said that all officers were taken to medical facilities, while the tow-truck drivers were treated and removed. All were awake and responsive on Sunday afternoon.

Several police and paramedics provided people for a revival of emergencies, said Narken, who was in contact with fentanyl, “for those officers still responsible with us,” Barclay said.

Investigators announced the off-ramp and vehicle with a hazardous contingent of the Marin County Sheriff Office on Sunday afternoon as the scene of a hazardous material and the off-ramp was expected to remain closed to traffic.

Anyone with information on the incident can call the CHP’s Marin office at 415-924-1100.

Contact George Kelly at 408-859-5180.