Five major revelations in Bob Woodward’s Trump book, ‘Love Letter’ from Kovid to Kim. Donald Trump

On Wednesday, Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book, Rage, spread after the Washington Post and CNN reports of widespread uproar over some claims of investigative journalist bombings.

Woodward’s reporting – which is largely based on 18 interviews with Donald Trump – shows the president implicating himself with his own words, for example, that he intentionally dropped the Kovid-19. Here are the most explosive revelations from Woodward’s book.

Trump knew that coronovirus was in early danger

During a February 7 phone call with Woodward, Trump allegedly recognized that the virus was dangerous. “It goes through the air. It is always hard to touch. You do not need to touch things. right? But air, you just breathe the air and that’s how it is passed. And so it is very difficult. He is very fragile. It is more deadly than your fatal flow. “Woodward also reported that Trump said:” This is deadly stuff. “

Woodward’s reporting on Trump’s comments reflects a dramatic divide between the president’s apparent knowledge of the dangers of coronovirus and his public statements. On February 27, Trump told the public: “It’s going to disappear. One day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear. Trump also compared Kovid-19 to seasonal flu in a March 9 tweet, writing: “Nothing stops during the flu season, life and the economy go on.” “thinking about him!”

Fears of war with North Korea

Trump’s national security team expressed concern that in 2017 the US ended nuclear war with North Korea during a nuclear war. “We never knew if it was real … or whether it was a hoax,” Woodward quoted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as saying. , As the saying goes.

Although it was unclear whether the threat was real or not, the possibility was that the then US Secretary of Defense James Mattis was sleeping in his clothes. Mattis, Woodward reported, wanted to be prepared for the event that North Korea wielded weapons against the US. Woodward said Mattis visited Washington National Cathedral several times amid concerns over a potential conflict.

America has a new secret weapon system

During an interview of Trump with Woodward, he explained about America’s new weapons. “I have built a nuclear system – a weapon system that no one has ever had in this country before.”

Woodward claimed that other sources supported Trump’s statement, and they were surprised that Trump discussed it. It is unclear why Trump secretly shared secret weapon information with Woodward.

‘Love letter’ to kim jongUnited Nations

Woodward acquired 27 “love letters” Trump exchanged with the North Korean dictator. Kim lambasted Trump by repeatedly saying “Your Excellency” in these missiles; He also said that “deep and special friendship between us will serve as a magical power”. Kim writes in a letter that reuniting would be “reminiscent of a scene from a fictional film”.

Trump’s top officials thought Trump was dangerous

Former cabinet officials were concerned with Trump’s impulsiveness and lack of focus. “The president has no moral compass,” Woodward quoted Mattis as saying. Mattis also reportedly said that Trump’s foreign policy moves showed enemies “how to destroy America.” This is what we are showing them. How to separate us from all our colleagues. How to take us down. And it’s working very well.

“He’s dangerous,” Mattis said in a conversation with former National Intelligence Director Dan Kot. “That’s unfit.”

Kot also thought that Russian President Vladimir Putin had damaging information about the president. Woodward said that Coat continued to maintain secret trust, which had increased rather than diminished, although there was an inability by intelligence evidence that Putin had anything on Trump.