Five key points of Nassar’s testimony of Lou Anna K. Simon –

Five key points of Nassar’s testimony of Lou Anna K. Simon

Former President of the State of Michigan called to testify

Former Michigan State President called to testify

On Tuesday afternoon, former Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon was called to testify before the US Senate Subcommittee. UU Consumer protection, product safety, insurance and data security, whose members are currently conducting research on how former MSU employee Larry Nbadar could badually abuse girls and women for decades while employed at MSU and its quality of team doctor at USA Gymnastics.

Throughout the hearing, Simon, who resigned as president earlier this year at the height of criticism of the administration of the university for his handling of the Nbadar scandal, was questioned about what he knew and when I knew it, and how to do things differently knowing what you know now.

1) Lack of paperwork questioned

Larry Nbadar listens during his sentence at Eaton County Circuit Court in Charlotte, Mich., On Monday, February 5, 2018. The former doctor of sports gymnastics and sports medicine at Michigan State University received 40 to 125 years for three first-degree crimes charges of badual abuse related to aggressions occurred in Twistars, a gym facility in Dimondale. Nbadar has also been sentenced to 60 years in prison on three counts of child badgraphy in federal court and 40 to 175 years in Ingham County on seven counts of criminal badual conduct. (Cory Morse / The Grand Rapids Press via AP)

1) Lack of paperwork questioned

One issue that Simon was questioned during the hearing was Nbadar's reports admitting patients to his clinic without proper medical records or the paper work.

Many patients who have publicly shared their experiences say that Nbadar sometimes brought them through the back door of their MSU clinic, or provided their services at no charge, and that the specific intrabadl procedure subsequently determined as badual abuse did not appear. in your medical records.

Subcommittee Chairman Jerry Moran, a Republican from Kansas, said that Nbadar seeing underage patients without proper medical or billing records should have been a warning signal to his supervisors that something was wrong.

"It's strange to me that you have a university doctor who is treating patients, and yet there is little or no medical record or billing information badociated with that treatment," he said.

Simon said he understood that under the policy of the MSU Sports Medicine Clinic, treatments should have medical records and billed accordingly.

He said he was aware of the issue of Nbadar treating patients during the testimony of former Olympian gymnast Jordyn Wieber in April before the committee.

"That's my understanding of politics and protocol, which has proven to be incorrect, we unravel this problem further," he said. "I do not know if special arrangements were made for certain people … those are questions that I think should be examined."

2) Simon continues to defend the University's handling of the Title IX complaint

Amanda Thomashow gives her statement on the second day of Larry Nbadar's sentencing at the Ingham County Circuit Court in Lansing on Tuesday, January 17, 2018. Her sister, Jessica Thomashow, was also abused by Nbadar and He gave his statement the day before. (Neil Blake |

2) Simon continues to defend the handling of the University's Title IX complaint

Simon sent several questions during the course of the hearing about the university's response to a complaint from the university. Title IX of 2014 against Nbadar.

That Title IX report was filed by Amanda Thomashow, who identified herself during the sentencing hearing in Ingham County in Nbadar. The complaint alleged that Nbadar's actions during a medical appointment were inappropriate and illegitimate.

To a question about the two different copies of the report that was provided to Nbadar and his accuser, Simon said he was told that the idea was to include "ways in which processes and procedures could be improved" despite the determination in that moment that Nbadar's treatment was legitimate

He said in response to a question from Michigan Senator Gary Peters that he occasionally met with a representative of Title IX to discuss "any problem or complaint that was problematic," but said no I saw the report of Title IX filed against Nbadar at that time.

Simon said at that time, the experience of those cited in the Title IX report who determined that Nbadar's work was a legitimate medical procedure was reliable.

Many have questioned the judgment of medical experts in the Title IX report, noting that they were Nbadar's colleagues and were probably predisposed in their favor.

3) A potential solution? Reducing bureaucracy, Simon says

3) A potential solution? Reducing bureaucracy, Simon says

Simon was asked in different ways what he would have done differently and what he thinks another Nbadar situation might prevent in the future.

She told the senators something that she thinks would help prevent another abuser like Nbadar from loosening the bureaucratic restrictions on university officials, to "lower the barrier when I react with my guts", so there is no unintended consequence of hesitate to accuse someone if there is not much evidence.

"It's very difficult if I feel that something is not right for me to say without evidence," he said.

He also said that improving policies to give patients greater voices in a medical setting would be a breakthrough for the prevention of medical abuse.

4) Simon is horrified & # 39; that this happened during his term

Former Michigan State Speaker Lou Anna Simon testifies during a Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, Insurance and Data Security, in Capitol Hill, Washington, on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. The hearing addresses of "Preventing Abuse in the Olympic Games". and amateur athletics: ensuring a safe environment for our athletes. "(AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

4) Simon is" horrified "that this happened during his tenure

In his opening remarks, Simon said he was "horrified" by the scandal of badual abuse Larry Nbadar occurred during his term, telling the United States The Senate subcommittee said on Tuesday that he would have acted immediately if she had known

"Not a day goes by without me wishing I had been caught and punished before, "Simon said during a keynote address at a US Senate Subcommittee on Security, Safety and Security of Product Data.

" And not a day goes by without you asking me what we missed. and what could have been done to detect her wrongdoing before a former juvenile complainant filed her complaint with the MSU police in 2016. "

Simon said she was" really sorry "for the abuse suffered by the survivors of Nbadar , as well as the pain it caused and that continues to cause.

"Nbadar's abuse of innocent survivors marks the darkest hour in the State of Michigan," Simon said in prepared comments. "For the survivors of Nbadar's abuse, I can never say enough to feel that a trusted and recognized doctor turns out to be an evil predator, and I regret that we have not discovered their crimes and removed them from our community before." . "

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