Five Best MLB General Manager / Manager Inaugural Rankings

Steve Cohen got closer to owning the Mets this week. The eight-member ownership committee gave him a sale blessing. This leaves the eight-member executive committee and wholly owned body as the final hurdles within baseball.

These are not formalities. Cohen’s purchase is opposed. But a 7–1 vote cast by the Ownership Committee indicated that Cohen would have a difficult time building the eight owner blocks needed to prevent Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz from succeeding.

For Mets fans, it will simply kick-start the engine of how Cohen will sit in a market with attractive built agents such as JT Realmuto and George Springer, with many organizations likely to exercise restraint, due to the financial crisis caused by COVID Let’s claim Inside the industry – think, what’s in it for me – wonder what Cohen would be doing with the baseball operations and managerial chair.

Cohen’s announcement that Sandy Alderson would be the team’s president, more or less likely, would mark the end of Brody van Wegen’s general manager’s reign, and perhaps some of his key subordinates as well.

In addition, Alderson was named the team president in charge of not only baseball, but business operations. And the Mets’ business requires a lot of attention. Thus, there is an expectation that Alderson will not only hire GM to lead the baseball department. Some officials spoke to speculate that Cohen would follow the established path when Andrew Friedman took over operations of the Dodgers baseball following the 2014 campaign.

Friedman flooded the front office with talent, including Josh Byrnes and Farhan Zaidi – and a large number of others including Alex Anthopoulos at a later date. This is another area in which Cohen’s money may allow a jig, while most people in the industry respond to lost revenue by trimming front office personnel, among other things.

As manager, Luis Rojas is given a better chance of survival than Van Wagen. Several sources have reported that Rojas worked within the Mets’ organization for all eight years of Alderson’s GM tenure and was viewed positively.

But whether it is GM or manager position, Mets jobs will be most desirable in the industry. That’s because the Mets have a solid foundation of players, advancing Cohen’s infusion of cash and, as a former team executive said, “would make a sense [with the Wilpons out] Breath of fresh air

For now, however, there are a combined five openings for GMs or managers. Before anything is determined with the Mets, these are how I would rank them in order of least desirable:

1. White Voice Manager

This is a roster, even more so than the Mets, who are set to win, as Chicago went to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. There are oodles of young and prime-age talents highlighted by Tim Anderson. Lucas Giolito, Eloy Jimenez, Yon Moncada and Luis Robert. Also, a financial splash to retain Jose Abreu and sign Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel as the last progeny indicated that owner Jerry Rinsdorff is hungry for another title.

But early indicators have also yearned for Tony La Russa, who managed the White Sox from 1979–86. Rinsdorf has said that letting La Russa go is one of his most regrettable decisions. Would he feel the same way about bringing someone back, who is, yes, a Hall of Famer, but also a 76er and not managed in a decade? If not La Russa, keep an eye on AJ Hench, whose suspension in connection with the Astro cheat scandal is due later this season.

The Phillies' general manager's job is attractive because the team has a proven manager in Joe Girdhari (left).  The White Sox manager's job is also a prestigious opening due to players like Lucas Giolito (right).
The Phillies’ general manager’s job is attractive because the team has a proven manager in Joe Girdhari (left). The White Sox manager’s job is also a prestigious opening due to players like Lucas Giolito (right).Getty Images; AP

2. Red Sox Manager

Boston is seeing a bit of rebuilding at a time when the Rays and Yankees are powerful, the Blue Jays are growing and even the Orioles are stirring a bit. But these are the Red Sox, meaning that there will be talent and money here when necessary, and a great fan base and history.

There is strong discussion that Alex Cora will return after a one-year suspension for the scandal that betrayed Astro. If not, Chief Baseball Officer Cham Bloom – from the Rays ‘family tree – may lean toward a type that will grow with the roster, such as Tampa Bay Bench coach Mike Kutaro or Sam Fuld, Phillies’ director of integrated baseball performance .

3. Philips GM

About those Phillies … they just had a historically bad year out of the bullpen, which eventually ruined Matt Klentak. Need to recreate that pen. Realmuto must either be re-signed or replaced. The NL East is perhaps the Major’s most competitive division – perhaps with Cohen’s injection of money to become more challenging. But whoever takes over will start with the legal affair 1-2 of Aaron Nola and Jack Wheeler, the financial commitment of John Middleton, a proven manager and owner at Giardi.

4. Manager of tigers

Hinch and Cora are also in play here – Hinch’s proximity to assistant GM Scott Bream adds an extra tie. There is young talent, headed by pitch Casey Mick and slogger Spencer Torkelson, who are almost ready or willing. There is an AL Central in which no team will be included in the Financial Super Heavyweight category. Hence there is an opportunity for stable development and controversy soon.

5. Angels GM

Whoever takes over, has to complete the final two of the Albert Puzols’ final year, Justin Upton, to find out what Shohi Ohtani is and get about 6-8 pitchers for a team that Mike Trout Want to win now to stop. Prime Minister – and Anthony Randon too. But if that takes another two years, then suddenly Trout and Rendon will get out of their crimes. Do you want to be a GM, for example, who has to help bring trout out of the center?

There is money and opportunity here, especially in an AL West which is very useful over the next few years. But it is also going to have an owner Arte Moreno. So here is the widespread deviation – the potential that it can be a wonderful thing or a terrible one. Dave Dombrovski, who has titles with Marlins and the Red Sox on his résumé, is seen as a frontfuner. But he bought a house in Nashville and could try to bring a major league team to that city with the group.


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