Fitness fanatic made her daughter sign a contract to never gain weight

A fitness-obsessed Brit had his daughter sign a lifetime “contract” promising never to gain weight, weighing her almost daily while ruling his family with an iron first, according to one report.

Rachid Khadla, 56, faces charges of child cruelty and battery for his alleged treatment of his now-adult daughter, Amira, and their sons, Hicham and Karim, Hyde News & Pictures reported.

“I, Amira Khadla, will never allow myself to get fat. I will do a lot of exercise to make sure I will never gain weight, even until I die, ”Khadla’s daughter wrote in her 2012 settlement, a court heard.

Amira’s domineering father also allegedly assaulted her, regularly hitting her with a spoon, hitting her on the chest and even once throwing a chair at her, deciding what she could wear, who she could see, and what she could watch on television, according to the agency. news.

The fitness fanatic, from Windsor on the outskirts of London, was always consumed by his children’s girths and weighed them to make sure they didn’t gain weight, he said.

Amira's weight abuse
Amira signed a “contract” in which she promised not to gain weight in 2012.
Vagner Vidal / Hyde News and Images

He also strangled his now 18-year-old son and beat the children with spoons if he believed they had misbehaved, the court heard Tuesday.

Khadla’s wife of 27 years, Sarah, did not intervene in the abuse, but supported her accusation, saying she had a “short temper,” according to the report.

The father was reportedly “aggravated” by his youngest son, Hicham, who had learning difficulties. In October 2019, he allegedly attacked the boy for being too slow when cleaning his sister’s room.

“He hit Hicham in the chest several times and then pushed him onto his sister’s bed,” said prosecutor Alex Krikler.

“Then he put both hands around his neck and strangled him for quite some time, five to 10 seconds, before picking him up, punching him in the chest and walking away,” he said. “Hicham had tried to say ‘stop’ but hadn’t been able to speak.

“I couldn’t breathe and although the marks left by the strangulation were relatively minor, the incident was extremely terrifying,” added Krikler.

Hicham told her mother the next day that her father had “crossed the line” and then shared her ordeal with her schoolmates as the family celebrated her sister’s college graduation.

The children told their teachers what Hicham had told them and the staff reported to the police, who arrested Khadla that night.

Rachid Khadla's son Hicham (left), his daughter Amira (middle left), his wife Sarah Louise (middle right) and eldest son Karim (right) say they experienced and witnessed his abuse during years.
Rachid Khadla’s son Hicham (left), daughter Amira (middle left), wife Sarah Louise (middle right) and eldest son Karim (right) say they experienced and witnessed his abuse for years.
Vagner Vidal / Hyde News and Images

“For the more minor offenses at home, he said he would regularly receive ‘the spoon,'” Krikler told the jury.

“His father made him spread his hands and beat the palms of his hands with a wooden spoon. He also described how his father pushed and hit him and sometimes threw things at him, ”he said.

“The abuse was not just physical. The defendant would also threaten extreme violence, which would “splash his brain across the ceiling and kill him.” His father told him he was weak, ”added Krikler.

The eldest son, Karim, now 26, recounted “control, temper and violence,” and hitting the head so hard when he was 15 that it knocked him down.

Hicham's Abuse Father
Hicham reported the abuse to her mother and friends.
Vagner Vidal / Hyde News and Images

Karim left home and cut all ties with the family before the allegations surfaced.

Krikler said the mother “describes her control over the family and how she was short-tempered and angry for no reason. That anger that she describes as directed towards children. “

Khadla claimed that she attacked Hicham in “self-defense”, saying she was afraid of her enraged son, so she tried to restrain him.

“When asked how he would discipline his children, he said that when they were younger, he would hit them on the butt, but otherwise said that he had never hit or physically punished them,” Kirkler said.

“He denied having threatened his children or physically hurt them, saying that he sometimes yelled, but that was it. He denied controlling his children. “

Khadla faces three counts of child cruelty and two counts of assault resulting in actual bodily harm.


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