Fitbit’s Mindful Method is an exclusive wellness program for Premium subscribers

Fitbit is launching an exclusive wellness program for Fitbit Premium subscribers called the Mindful Method. The program was created by alternative medicine specialist Deepak Chopra and builds on the company’s approach to stress management that began with the Sense smartwatch.

Mindful Method encompasses more than 30 audio and video sessions on topics such as mindfulness, sleep, stress management, wellness, and the mind-body connection, Fitbit says. The program is taught by Chopra, a renowned author and wellness expert, and more Chopra sessions are planned to launch in the coming months.

In a press presentation for the new program, Chopra led attendees through a Mindful Method meditation sample. Overall, the experience wasn’t that different from what I did in other meditation apps like Calm or Headspace, although Mindful Method aims to differentiate itself by further presenting Chopra’s wellness philosophy combined with data provided by Fitbit watches and Premium service.

Fitbit says that Premium already has more than 100 mindfulness audio tracks, but adding new ones from a recognizable name could make a difference for the Fitbit owner who hasn’t decided to pay $ 9.99 a month for Premium yet. Mindful Method is also based on Fitbit’s strategy of not just collecting and displaying a variety of data, but making it actionable, which Chopra summed up in his presentation as the move from “biofeedback” to “bioregulation.”

When Brent Rose checked the Fitbit Sense for The edge, found that the device’s electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor provides a generally accurate view of when you were stressed, shown in the Fitbit app’s stress management score. The existing meditations in Premium were a good way to see how that score could change with a little controlled breathing and mindfulness, but now the Mindful Method could provide an even more comprehensive way to learn why you’re stressed and what to do about it.

The first 10 Mindful Method sessions with Deepak Chopra are now available for Premium subscribers on the Fitbit app.

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