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Fitbit is killing Pebble in June, this time it’s real

Image: Pebble / Fitbit

What began as one of Kickstarter's original success stories, Pebble quickly matured into one of the most beloved smartwatch brands, years before Apple found its beat with Watch . But after being bought by Fitbit, it was only a matter of time before Pebble's efforts came to an end.

And in a blog post updated by Fitbit today, it looks like Pebble's journey will finally come to an end this summer. For current Pebble users, this timeline really serves as a suspension of execution, since Pebble's services were originally supposed to have stopped by the end of January.

Beginning June 30, Pebble owners will no longer be able to use the Pebble Store app or forums, nor will they be able to use any of Pebble's SMS, email and voice recognition services. However, other functions such as step counters and many applications will continue to work. Even Pebble's complementary applications on iOS and Android should work, at least until a future update of the Google or Apple operating system breaks the compatibility.

For those who wish to continue Pebble's legacy, Fitbit offers Pebble owners who can provide a serial number, a $ 50 discount on a new Fitbit Iconic device.

While it is possible that Fitbit will expand services again by the end of June, it seems unlikely, as the company has to move forward at some point. But Pebble had a good trip while it lasted, and perhaps in an alternative dimension somewhere there is a healthy ecosystem of electronic ink-clocking users looking down on all the odd times with OLED-equipped watches.

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