Fish almost cut in half by discarded sports drink wrapper


These are the shocking photos which show a fish almost cut in two by a discarded sports drink wrapper.

Fisherman Adam Turnbull found the animal growing around the drink ring and posted images on his Facebook page to warn people of the dangers of littering.

He found the fish in the Saskatchewan River in Alberta, Canada on Saturday.

His images show the fish almost cut in half by the wrapper, which caused severe redness to the animal’s body.

Mr Turnbull, from Sarnia, Ontario, cut the wrapper off the fish and set it free.

He wrote on Facebook: ‘Pick up your garbage.’

His photos have been shared more than 10,000 times online.


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’This is a Powerade wrapper which takes up no room in your pocket until you get to a garbage can. Please share!’

When Mr Turnbull caught the fish, it fought back as normal, but he noticed its wound on closer inspection.

The wrapper was coiled around the middle of the fish (Picture: Adam Turnbull/Facebook)

Initially, he thought the fish had been bitten by another animal or partially eaten.

But then he noticed the plastic wrapper coiled around its body.

He posted on Facebook: ‘Never thought this post would hit 10k shares.

‘Thanks to everyone who has had a look at this post as it was meant to raise awareness and that it has.’

Fisherman Adam Turnbull removed the wrapper and set the fish free (Picture: Adam Turnbull/Facebook)

On his Instagram page, where he also posted a photo of the fish, he wrote: ‘It’s super simple, put garbage in a garbage.

‘Amazed at this fish’s ability to survive. A Powerade wrapper, easily fits in your pocket. Let’s do our part.

‘Glad he swam away and hopefully he can live a little more normal now.’

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