First Thing: Trump says Kovid-19 can be stopped by ‘herd mentality’ US news

good morning. In an interview with Bob Woodward for the reporter’s new book, Donald Trump admitted that he had “played down” the coronovirus threat. At a town hall hosted by ABC on Tuesday, the president protested himself, claiming – falsely – that he was indeed “up-played, in terms of action.” Trump also repeatedly stated that the virus would eventually go away thanks to a “swarm mentality”. It was not clear whether he meant to say “herd immunity”.

A poll of people in 13 advanced economies found that confidence in American leadership fell during the epidemic, with Trump now the least trusted major world leader – below Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. Breaking the 175-year tradition, the magazine Scientific American has endorsed a presidential candidate – Joe Biden – because it states, “Trump has badly done America and its people – because he is in evidence and Rejects science. ”

Smoke from western wild animals is making the sky blur in NY

The foggy sunset in New York City on Tuesday was caused by the smoke emanating from the wilderness of the west. Photo: Gary Hershorn / Getty Image

Firefighters in Oregon say they are finally making some progress against wild animals that have killed at least 30 people, burning millions of acres up and down the West Coast and smoke in at least three states I am touching the sky. The fog of fire from the west has now spread across the country, leading to a silent sunset in New York and Washington DC on Tuesday.

Erica Barry, a longtime Portland resident, says the fire shows that once in the future, he felt scared for his community:

My grief is not unique. In planning it, I am still very lucky. All over the world, in drought-stricken Sudan, on Kiribati, on the Gulf Coast hit by the recent storm, people may leave their homes and feel like a betrayal from the earth, but what is really a betrayal is institutional power.

Israel signs its landmark agreement with UAE and Bahrain

Trump hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign ministers of the UAE and Bahrain for the ceremony at the White House.

Trump hosted the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and foreign ministers of the UAE and Bahrain for the ceremony at the White House. Photograph: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has signed two agreements with Bahrain and the UAE normalizing their country’s relations, which formally marks a historic shift in Middle East politics, making the region’s mostly autocratic Arab governments have lost interest in the Palestinian conflict, and instead found it common. Because of Iran’s shared opposition with Israel.

‘It’s going to be peace in the Middle East’: Trump in a historical tone – video

Trump, whose administration brokered deals, hosted the signing ceremony at the White House on Tuesday. Hours earlier, the president posted a warning to Tehran on Twitter, stating that the US would respond with “1,000 times more” force against any Iranian attacks in return for the US assassination of General Qassem Suleimani in January.

  • Trump also wanted to assassinate Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, but was withheld by his then Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the president told Fox News on Tuesday.

How the QAnon Conspiracy Boosted California Politics

A QAnon defender in Los Angeles.

A QAnon defender in Los Angeles. Photo: Christian Monterosa / EPA

When California state senator Scott Weiner wrote a controversial LGBTQ + bill, he became the target of an online mob, unfairly following and whipping QAnon conspiracy theories – and then the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. Encouraged by The party has become deeply infected with QAnon, “Weiner told the Guardian’s Julia Carrie Wong, describing the incident as” a disease that affects people’s brains “.

In other news…

A parking lot flooded in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

People flooded into a parking lot in Pensacola Beach, Florida. Photo: Gerald Herbert / AP
  • Faces of Florida, Mississippi and Alabama “Deadly Floods” From Hurricane Sally, a slow-moving weather system approaching the Gulf Coast, forecasters warn.

  • A study revealed shocking levels of ignorance about the holocaust Among young American adults, nearly two-thirds did not know that 6 million Jews were killed in the biggest crime of the 20th century.

  • DoJ has launched a criminal investigation John boltonRecent White House memoirs to determine if the former US National Security Advisor mislead classified information by including it in the bestselling book.

  • The US has described the World Trade Organization as “Completely inadequate The global trade body said the US violated global trade rules by imposing tariffs on China in Trump’s latest attack on the International Trade Institute.

Reads a lot

Cynthia Nixon campaigned for Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries this year.

Cynthia Nixon campaigned for Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries this year. Photo: Catherine Taylor / EPA

Cynthia Nixon: “Actress is a barely coded word for” Bimbo “

The Sex and the City star and longtime active Cynthia Nixon took a major leap in electoral politics when she ran for New York governor in 2018. She talks to Zoe Williams about BLM, trans rights and the end of democracy, “Will Trump Quit Silently?” I do not know.”

Did anyone actually find the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn?

The eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn published a memoir in 2010 claiming that he had deposited treasure somewhere in the Rockies. Shortly before his death last week, Fenn announced that one of the thousands of explorers had found it for the last time – but was it really there? Rachel Mbe investigated.

Opinion: Our indigenous ancestors knew how to stop the mega-fire.

Millennials’ longstanding practice of cultural burning has been ignored in favor of burning the bill, Bill Tripp wrote – and now their ancestral homesteads are being ravaged by California wild animals.

We have knowledge of fire, forest, water, plants and animals which are necessary to revive our human connection and responsibility for this land. When able, we can overcome our current situation and teach others how to do it across the western United States.

Final Thing: Melania gets bronze

A bronze version (left) of Melania Trump's statue has replaced the original (right) of the damaged wood.

A bronze version (left) of Melania Trump’s statue has replaced the original (right) of the damaged wood. Photo: Jure Makovac / AFP / Getty Images

A rustic wooden statue of Melania Trump near her hometown of Sevenica in Slovenia burned in a fire attack two months ago. Now, it has been replaced with a less destructive bronze version. The piece is a collaboration between Brad Downey, a Berlin-based artist from Louisville, Kentucky, and Elsa “Maxi” Zupev, a local pipe-layer and craftsman who engraved the original statue with a chainsaw.

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