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PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The National Weather Service says it is likely that the first measurable snowfall of the season will arrive on Saturday.

The forecast of the National Meteorological Service is at 4:30 p.m. On Thursday he ordered six inches in most of Rhode Island, three inches along the south coast.

"It looks like Saturday through Saturday night," said Kim Buttrick, meteorologist at the Meteorological Service. "There is a possibility that the precipitation will move on Friday night."

Initially, it looked like snow would arrive overnight on Saturday, with a second round clearer on Saturday night, but the Meteorological Service said on Wednesday that the forecast models did not agree.

As of mid-afternoon on Thursday, it looked like the snow would start sometime after 8 am on Saturday. In any case, it will not be a big snowfall, he said, and Block Island probably will not have snow.

"As this coastal storm begins to end on the southeast coast, the probability of rainfall is higher on Friday" Night, "Buttrick said," and when the storm approaches southern New England, southeast of Nantucket, then we are more likely to snow on Saturday and Saturday night. "

The Meteorological Service says that snow probably also hit eastern Mbadachusetts, possibly inland depending on the exact path of the storm. [19659003] The Meteorological Service issued a "dangerous weather forecast," saying that a western path to the storm would increase the "accumulated snow threat in parts of the interior (from Mbadachusetts and Connecticut, but) would draw warmer air from the ocean and could allow it to mix more rain in the coastal plain. Finally, it is also possible that the system pbades too far east of the region to bring much precipitation further north to the west of the Cape Cod Channel. "

Before the storm, Friday looks partially sunny with a maximum near of 43. On Saturday, a peak close to 38 is expected. And on Sunday it looks sunny with a maximum close to 39.

Meteorologists say a coastal storm could bring a round of rain or snow or both on Monday for the night until Tuesday.

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