First sign Chris Jenner was ready to be with ‘KUWTK’

The end of an era is upon us. keeping up with the Kardashians, Finally escaping many rumors about its arrival, is finally officially ending.

The reality TV series that followed several members of the blended Kardashian-Jenner family is the launching point for the careers and fame of Courtney, Kim and Chloe Kardashian as well as Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Through all of this, Kriss Jenner – the matriarch of the family, has carefully circled the theatrics surrounding his family’s rise to the top of the entertainment world. Many speculated that the show – despite lagging in ratings and lacking enough material to sustain it successfully – would continue to die simultaneously as Chris Jenner kept it alive.

Now that the series is actually ending, fans are looking for signs that are bucking Jenner, and they are definitely looking for evidence.

‘KUWTK’ focused on last few years

Kriss Jenner | Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage

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When the reality TV series first premiered in 2006, the Kardashian family did not know all that. Robert Kardashian, who died a few years before the series began, gained some fame as a member of OJ Simpson’s legal team, but the family as a whole was certainly not a household name.

The premise of the show seemed absurd at the time. Who really wants to see family dramas and everyday life as a rich person, but not necessarily a remarkable family? Well, it was revealed to a lot of people, and the fame of the Kardashian-Jenner family grew right along with the audience.

When the series premiered, the older sisters were young adults, trying to navigate the dating scene as their fame, and the Jenner sisters were literally children. Over time, everything changed. The sisters began their careers, married and had children of their own.

The focus of the series changed as the hero’s life changed, and they were no longer trying to make it in Hollywood.

Krrish Jenner is considered the mastermind of the family

Chris Jenner is largely credited with the rise of the meteor that his children gained fame. Jenner talks to her children, pulling the strings behind practically every deal.

Since early on, Jenner has managed her children’s careers, and means she has had to become a savvy businessman when it comes to setting contracts for everything from public appearances to modeling gig endorsement deals.

While Jenner has clearly succeeded in setting her children on the path to fame, some have wondered if she overlooked the costs of these ventures. Private information – including Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape – has leaked about the family over the years, and some fans are sure that Chris Berner himself is behind the data breach.

There is a fine line for his family to succeed and exploit them for profit, and some believe that Jenner has tipped over this more than once.

Is ‘KUWTK’ ending because Kris Jenner is finally over?

KUWTK Surprisingly is in its 18th season, and fans are shocked that the show has continued for so long. Kylie and Kendall Jenner do not appear again and again because they have a separate contractual obligation to the show, so when Kourtney Kardashian left the series with allegations that the set was “toxic”, it put a lot of pressure on Kim and Khloe. Inserted. Weight.

Most family members seemed to have moved on to other projects, but what about Chris Jenner? If the show ends, where will she bring her energy and obvious temperament to theatricality?

Fans of the series took Reddit to discuss Jenner’s possible future, and it is there that they received a hint that Jenner was indeed ready to move on.

The main post still appears from Chris Jenner’s recent appearance Real housewives of beverly hills, And fans think it is a sign that she will soon take her talent elsewhere. “Why does she look like she is more than real housewives than she is on KUWTK?” A fan asked.