First SC child dies from COVID-19

AUGUSTA, Georgia (WRDW / WAGT) – The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) announced its first COVID-related pediatric death on Saturday.

They said the boy was under the age of five and that he was from the Midlands region. No other information about the child or her family was provided to protect her privacy.

“Today, we regret the loss of one of our children to this virus. It is heartbreaking to lose a child under any circumstances, and especially during a time when we have all lost so much, “said Dr. Joan Duwve, DHEC Director of Public Health.” Our state is in a dire situation and we will continue to mourn the loss. from parents, grandparents, children, friends and neighbors until each and every one of us takes steps to do the right thing, not only for ourselves but for others. No one is immune to this deadly disease, but each of us has the power of affecting the path this pandemic takes in South Carolina. Choosing to wear a mask and maintain physical distance today will not only help change the course of the pandemic in South Carolina, but will also help save the lives of those around us. “

Today was also the highest number of positive cases reported in the State of Palmetto, with 2,239 new cases reported. The current total number of positive cases in South Carolina is 54,538. DHEC also says that the positive percentage for yesterday is also the highest to date, at 22.2%.

DHEC reports that since June 1, there has been a 436.5% increase in newly reported COVID cases among the 21-30 age group, representing 22% of the total confirmed cases in the state. That is the highest percentage by age group.

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