First look at Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Model S with a prototype color

We got a first look at Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Model S with a new prototype color that would obviously be possible for a new paint shop.

Over the last year, Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla building the “most advanced paint shop” in Gigafactory Berlin.

CEO talked about the new multi-layered paint:

Giga Berlin will have the world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that change easily with curvature.

Musk said that Tesla is working on a new ‘Deep Crimson Red’ which is becoming his favorite feature.

Now a Tesla Model S with a special color was spotted in the executive parking lot of SpaceX’s headquarters:

This led people to speculate that the Model S could be their Musk’s personal Tesla and the new “dark crimson” color.

The CEO confirmed that this is the “color prototype” that Tesla is developing for the new paint shop.

It has been some time since Tesla introduced new color options.

Conversely, in recent years, Tesla has reduced color options to streamline its production and simplify service repairs.

We may have to wait a while to see the new colors, as Musk has linked them to the Gigafactory Berlin known online.

Tesla is currently manufacturing Gigafacturing Berlin in Germany, and it is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021 with the first model M.

Musk says the new paint shop and paint will make it for other vehicles, but it may take a while:

To be clear, Fremont and Shanghai will also be upgraded over time, but these improvements are hard to trace back to an operating paint shop.

As we recently reported, Tesla built a new paint shop for the Model 3 in Fremont, and is planning on recommending its former paint shop as it increases Model Y production.

Electrac’s tech

Unfortunately, the pictures are in shadow and we don’t feel great on color.

What I can see is similar to the “signature red” that Tesla made for early Model S vehicles, but it looks a bit darker.

Again, it is difficult to tell because of the shadow.

Also, Elon said that the color changes with the light, so I’ll turn it off while watching it until we get a better look.

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