First impression from HomePod Mini customers: ‘Sound quality is great’

Today is the HomePod Mini launch day in the United States and nine other countries, and as soon as orders begin for customers, the first impressions of the speaker begin to appear on the web. While we’ve already seen HomePod Mini reviews from media outlets and YouTubers, customer opinions provide additional perspective.

Homepod mini photo shoot Oliur

MacRumors forum member “Boulton” stated that the HomePod Mini is “really mini,” yet gives a “great” sound for a study room. He also praised the HomePod Mini’s simple setup process, including plugging in the speaker, placing an iPhone or iPad near the speaker, and following the onscreen instructions on the iPhone or iPad.

“Sound quality is great,” said UK-based developer Matt Cheetham, a sentiment shared by Tokyo-based developer Enrico Pangan.

Of course, not everyone is as impressed. UK-based writer and PR director Max Tatton-Brown said he was “deeply overwhelmed” by his HomePod Mini.

The UK-based designer and photographer Oliur had mixed opinions. He said the HomePod Mini has an “amazing” sound quality that can “get louder,” but added that it “lacks bass,” which he said makes “sense” because it’s a smaller speaker. is.

Last week, KTLA Tech Reporter Rich Demuro Tested the sound quality of the HomePod Mini and Google’s Nest Audio Speaker, both priced at $ 99. While video is a trivial way of comparing audio, many users who commented on video believed that the HomePod Mini both had better sound.

The HomePod Mini offers many features of the full-size HomePod, including Siri, HomeKit, Apple Music, intercom voice messaging and stereo pairing, but some customers have been surprised to learn that the HomePod Minis is set as Apple TV’s default audio output Can not be done, something that is possible only with full-size HomePods.

The HomePod Mini pre-order began in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom from 6 November. The speaker will also be available in China, Mexico and Taiwan later this year.


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