First images of Chadwick Boseman’s film, Ma Rainey Black Black – Deadline

The final film of Chadwick Boseman’s hot career released his first images of the late star.

Director George C. Wolff’s adaptation of August Wilson’s stage play Ma raini’s black bottom The title role is Viola Davis with Bossman as a band member. The film is central to a larger discussion on race and prevalence as a recording session in Chicago by “Mother of the Blues”. The film is scheduled to air on Netflix on 18 December.

Supporting cast includes Galen Terman, Coleman Domingo, and Michael Potts, along with Dinnell Washington and Todd Black.

Boschman died of colon cancer in late August. His career debut included James Brown of music and baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson, as well as his stars, as well as becoming the King of Star of Wakanda in the blockbuster action film black Panther.

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