First Country: New music from Kelsa Ballerini, Luke Coombs, FGL, Mickey Guyton and more

Kelsa Ballerini, Ballerini

Ballerini takes march time Kelsea The album and this companion recreate the song on the set. Recorded during lockdown, 13 tracks have been stripped down and are mainly led by acoustic guitars. The reinterpretation allows a new vulnerability to come through, even on lively tracks such as “holes in the tube” and “overhairs”. “Queen of Homecoming?” Already left in its original form, the switch from an acoustic guitar to a piano-based melody lends an extra air of scent. The former duet, “Half of My Hometown”, featuring Kenny Chesney and “The Other Girl”, portrayed Halsey, who influences solo efforts.

Luke Coombs, “Lovin ‘On”

For the video for his recent Country Airplay No. 1, his bandmates and new wife, Nicole, return in 1996 and travel overnight at the local roller skating rink, where a teen combs is already smiling at his future partner Is and is pinging. Although he initially had no time, Komb won him until the end in a video game due to his insane skills. Flashback interviewed the current day performing songs with his band.

FGL, “Long Live” http

These are among the things that people in the Florida Georgia Line pay respect to with the glass embossed on the chorus of “Long Live”: small town people, hard workers, dirt roads, longneck bottles, women in cut-up jeans And of course, “nights in like.” The latest from FGL is a celebration of a simpler way of life, but it is a reliable anthem for anyone who delays understanding the small wonders of life, even if ” Old school Haggard and Hank “to someone’s affinity. Brian kelly And Tyler Hubbard To combine the authentic details of their upbringing with a sense of universal wonder – this is what Florida Georgia Line has always done, and there is no doubt that they will find more success with their latest singing. – Jason Lipsitz, First Stream

Chris Johnson, “Vetin on Five”

Until Janson’s radio number 1, “Done,” is a toe-tapping, irreverent to skip time and kick at a one-week interval of drinking. When he sings, he is “waitin ‘” at five, to start at six. (PBR, no doubt). Be sure to be a standard in bars around the country at Johnson’s live shows (when they become a thing again) and zookaboxes.

Dan + Shay, “I Should Probably Go to Bed (Live on Ocean Way)”

Dan + Shay’s imposing, layered ballad just takes off on piano and vocals and it still shines like a diamond, mainly Shy MoniVocal performance of another. While it was already beautifully constructed, the radio version was at the forefront Dan smudgers, He simply stunned while striking high notes with clarity in Moni’s voice.

Riley Green EP, If it wasn’t for trucks

If it does not make up for the promise of previous efforts for trucks and the previous country airplay charts “There Was This Girl” and “I Wish Grandpa Never Dead.” Green adopted the well-known country tropes of Trucks, Boots, Mama, and God, but brought his own homescience perspective to such tunes as “Better Than Me” (which features Alabama Randy owen) And indifferent “Behind the Times.”

Mickey Guyton, The bridge

Gaighton, who has acted as the conscience of country music on social issues on songs such as “Black Like Me” and “What Are You Gone Here”, showcases his entire series on this six-song EP. The title track, influenced by the dance beat, is about finding a common ground during these divisive times, while Rosé is a favorite, Twangie Salute, which she loves “in pink.” “Salt” is a cautionary tale about a woman who may look like she is Chinese but has actually got a sting. Gaitan’s voice is unique and, hopefully, country radio will eventually catch him.

Lathan Warlick with Matt Stale, “Over Yonder”

Christian rap artist Warlick, who was introduced by country fans to his appearance on a remix of Granger Smith’s “That’s I Love Dirt Roads”, a cool with a unifying message about rap and “Blacks, Whites and Latino’s” about country life Performed. Time. ” Stale’s sung corps is the perfect complement to Vorlick’s spoken verses.

The Last Bandoleros, “Hey Baby Que Paso”

The Last Bandoleros covered the Tejano Standard (Famous by) Texas tornado) with verve and in English and Spanish. Loosely-covered covers are waiting to be a party.

Velon Payne, Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Cure, The Pusher and Me

Payne earnestly comes from his country bonfire: his mother is country singer Sammy Smith and his father, Jody Payne, plays Willie Nelson, while the name Waylon Jennings was his godfather. All of those influences can be seen as Payne’s first full album in 16 years, but the suffering and redemption he seeks on these songs is all his own. Payne has no interest in hiding the truth of the confessional tenure, no matter how shady (eg the character on “Dangerous Criminals” or the surrealist dreamer on the waltz “Old Blue Eyes.” (A line in the album tune Takes its title from). Cinematic and compelling.

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