First call: Jerome Bettis has a quarterback idea for the Steelers, with Odell Beckham Jr. feeling that Kovid-19 ‘can’t enter his body’

On Thursday for “First Call”, here’s what I got, a Steelers fan.

Jerome Bettis wants the Steelers to trade for quarterback.

A puncture is making eyes in Pittsburgh.

The Cleveland Browns have reached an “agreement” with wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of the Coronovirus.

And if the Steelers make the Super Bowl, it may not happen until March.


As we were saying…

Last week, I shared several links from Washington, DC, national outlets and gambling sites, stating that the Steelers should be interested in acquiring Demoter quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

I did not say that would be a good idea. I just said that others outside of Pittsburgh were discussing.

And I was rounded up to pursue this topic.

No problem. This is the relationship with my dear readers, listeners and audience.

But how do you feel about Jerome Bettis? Yes, That Jerome Bettis. Bus. Stills football icon, n’at. He says he enjoys the discussion of Haskins going to the Steelers.

“If I was in Steeler brass, I’d give a long, hard look at a young quarterback who has the potential to be really special,” Betisis told NPX MidAtlantic via WPXI Studios. “You’ve got a young quarterback who has the ability to do every throw, still needs some development.”

Unfortunately, the “ability to be truly special” part is something that I will bring into question. But I see where the “bus” is.

Get Haskins on the cheap. The team reassures themselves that she can be better than Mason Rudolph. Their affordable contract can be one year long.

Okay, so they can be on something.

As we stated in our introductory story, however, there is no NFL number between Haskins and Rudolph suggesting that would be the case.

Praise of punter

It’s no secret that punting for the Steelers this year – how would Mike Tomlin say it?

“Under the Line”? Or, “No Varsity Level”?

Well, fans of the Steelers are clearly getting impatient. The team then cut Jordan Berry to the preseason and signed Dustin Colquitt.

The punishment of former chiefs has not been very good. Only three punters in the NFL have an average (43.0 yards) lower than Colquitt. His net of 37.2 is the worst in football.

Tomlin is not ashamed to say that performance needs to be improved. And, apparently, Steelers fans are getting impatient and flirting with free agent Punch Marquette King.

And he wants everyone to know it.

The Steelers have Corliss Weightman in the practice squad. And they brought Berry back for a visit on Monday.

Kovid… 13?

The Cleveland Browns saw wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. dumb at the end of the Steelers game.

Perforating the Gatorade cooler. Threw off his gloves. By removing her clits.

But it also looks short.

Fine. I felt he was joking when I was studying. When I saw the related video clip? I’m not so sure.

So, wait a minute. Is Kovid-19 too respectful to “enter” Beckham’s body? Why? Because he’s too good of a receiver?

But fewer receivers are susceptible, I think then. Like what? Donate monarchiff? Limas Sweed?

It would be ironic. Those people could not hold anything.

Super Bowl Sunday March meets Madness

At 5–0, Steelers fans saw Super Bowl Sunday dancing in their heads.

They may just have to keep that vision alive until March.

Via Sports Business Daily and, Super Bowl LV “If the game is postponed it can be pushed back all the way until March, “John Breach According to CBS.

The report said that Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy mentioned that possibility at a virtual pep rally held before playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

Murphy reportedly said, “We can extend the Super Bowl up to four weeks. Obviously, we would prefer not to do so, but you have that flexibility if we participate in multiple outbreaks with different teams or if we have to roll back the schedule. ”

The incident has been widely reported as an option if the coronavirus virus forces the game to be rescheduled throughout the year, but Murphy is the first member of the front office to speak of it.

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