First 2020 presidential debate: fact-checking Biden and Trump

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden take the stage in Cleveland for the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. They are more than half way through debating six predetermined topics: their respective records; Supreme Court; COVID-19; Economy; Race and violence in American cities; And integrity of elections.

NBC News is conducting an actual investigation of his statements in real time. Please check back regularly for the latest updates. For full coverage, visit the debate live blog.

Was Trump’s claims about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings correct?

Trump and his allies have attacked the former Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, for his foreign trade deal.

On Tuesday, Trump recently echoed one of the Senate GOP Homeland Security Committee’s biggest claims of a “conflict of interest investigation” in Hunter Biden – Trump claimed on the debate stage that “the mayor of Moscow’s wife Gave $ 3.5 million to his son. What did he do. Worth it? “

Report written by Republican censors. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley of Iowa claimed that Elena Beturina, the former wife of the late former mayor of Moscow, wired $ 3.5 million to a firm linked to Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden’s legal team told NBC News that Biden “had no interest” in the firm that received the money, so “he was claimed to have been paid $ 3.5 million.”

And on the debate stage, the former vice president said the claim was “completely maligned.”

The Senate GOP-led “conflict of interest” report revived the largely outstanding allegations, most notably the role of Hunter Biden on the board of a Ukrainian energy company as well as the committee Hunter Biden and his Said “suspicious financial transaction” between associates and foreign individuals. . ”

Focusing largely on those optics, the report does not say that Hunter Biden’s work changed American policy. Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates described the report as “an attack founded on a long-standing hardcore right-wing conspiracy theory” that Johnson has now explicitly stated he would take advantage of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign Are trying

Read the GOP summary of the report here and the Biden campaign’s criticism of the investigation here.

Did Trump reduce drug prices?

“I’m cutting drug prices. I am going with those favored nations who do not dare to do any president because you are going against big pharma. Drug prices will be reduced by 80 or 90 percent, ”Trump said Tuesday night.

“She has no health care plan,” Biden argued. “They have not reduced the cost of medicine for anyone.”

A number of fact checks found that there is no evidence that Trump’s policies have dropped drug prices meaningfully, as he has repeatedly claimed, alone “80 to 90 percent.”

Brand name drug prices are also rising.

Was there really ‘no negative impact’ from Trump’s rallies, as he claims?

Trump just said that at his rallies “we have had no negative impact” from coronoviruses, a claim that ignores the spread of Kovid-19 cases that are associated with those campaign events.

A handful of Trump’s own campaign staff tested positive days for Kovid, who was in Oklahoma around his late June rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, including members of the Secret Service. Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain tested the rally positive days and eventually died due to complications from the virus. While Cain attended the rally and was photographed without a mask, it is unclear where he contracted the virus.

Tulsa’s top health official said cases were likely to pick up after the rally.

Has Trump justified the Obama administration’s response to swine flu?

Trump told Biden Tuesday night, “Well you didn’t do that on swine flu, H1N1. You were a disaster. Your own Chief of Staff said you were a disaster.”

Here is Trump’s exaggeration. Ron Clann, Biden’s former chief of staff, has criticized the Obama administration’s response to swine flu, not specifically Biden.

“We did everything possible – 60 million Americans got H1N1,” he said at a biosecurity summit in May 2019. It is entirely a privilege that this is not one of the largest casualty incidents in American history. It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It had to do with just luck.

Klan later told Politico that his comments noted the administration’s difficulties in adequately producing the vaccines they had developed, and argued that Obama’s team quickly adapted to the epidemic – e.g., early Making supplies and distributions from federal reserves – and made very different choices than the Trump administration.

It is also worth noting that swine flu is estimated to have killed 12,000 people in the US, which is smaller than the more than 200,000 people who have killed Kovid-19 to date. The Obama administration also generally received high marks for its response to swine flu. While the government reported after identifying the fact for development, they also highlighted successes, such as rapid research and the development of a vaccine that arrived in less than six months. There is little contemporary report on the Obama administration’s response that Trump has suggested that the kind of uneducated catastrophe portrayed.

How many people are there in pre-existing conditions in America?

Trump and Biden came out of the gate with conflicting statements about how many people already existed in the US. Biden said there are 100 million such people – and they will lose their health care coverage should the Affordable Care Act be abolished. Trump insisted that Biden’s numbers were wrong.

“There are 100 million people who have pre-existing conditions and they will also be taken away,” Biden said. “There are not 100 million people with pre-existing conditions,” Trump said.

Studies conducted on the subject indicate a limitation that would technically correct both men.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimated in 2018 that at least 53.8 million adults had a pre-existing condition that would make them unable to purchase insurance.

Another study conducted by health care consulting firm Avalier estimated that 102 million Americans had a pre-existing condition that would make them unable to purchase insurance.

A 2017 study by the Department of Health and Human Services estimated that approximately 133 million people had a pre-existing condition that would make them unable to purchase insurance.

Did Trump claim that the GOP health plan protects people from pre-existing conditions?

Trump said on Tuesday, “ObamaCare is not good. We have made it better. And I had the option to make it very quickly. We took out the individual mandate. We guarantee the circumstances that already exist.”

It is true that Republicans abolished Obamacare’s personal mandate – a provision that forced people to purchase healthcare coverage or pay fines through their taxes – as part of their 2017 tax bill. But Trump is wrong on the point of pre-existing conditions. We’ve actually checked its length before, and it’s still incorrect.

Trump has long emphasized that he and the GOP will protect people from pre-existing conditions from losing their health insurance – but they have taken legislation, litigation and executive actions to eliminate those protections under the Affordable Care Act .

A Republican bill supported by Trump included an ACA state exemption that would allow insurers to charge higher prices for people with pre-existing conditions, possibly pricing them out of the market. It passed from the House and died in the Senate in 2017. Trump has also used executive actions to expand the use of short-term insurance plans that are not required to cover already existing conditions.

Trump signed a symbolic executive order confirming the recently enacted safeguards, created by Obamacare, but his administration is supporting a Republican-led lawsuit that claims the law contains substantive Security should be downgraded. Republicans have yet to offer a plan that will restore the security of pre-existing conditions.

Did Trump correctly portray Biden’s health care plan?

During a testy exchange about health care, Trump said of Biden’s health care plan, “The big problem you have is that you’re going to extinguish 180 million people from your personal health care that they Very happy. “

This claim is false. It reveals Biden’s plan with other Democrats advancing “Medicare for All”.

While there are varying estimates of how many Americans have private insurance, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimates that approximately 180 million people own private insurance.

Biden’s plan does not abolish private insurance, as proposed by some of Biden’s primary opponents of another Democratic president. Instead, the Biden Health Care Plan creates a public option for those who wish to obtain government health insurance with private insurance while they remain on their plan.

Many Republicans have sought to tie proposals for “Medicare for All” to all Democrats – and it is true that many Democratic members of Congress are sponsoring the bill (118 in the House and 118 in the Senate).

But Biden criticized “Medicare for All” throughout his campaign.

Will a GOP lawsuit ‘strip’ 20 million people of their insurance, as Biden claimed?

Biden claimed that a Republican-backed lawsuit targeting the Affordable Care Act would strip 20 million people of his health care.

According to several studies, it checks. The Center for American Progress estimates that 23.3 million will lose their health care if a GOP-backed legal challenge to the law before the Supreme Court in a recent analysis. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 20 million people received coverage under Obamacare.

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