Firefox sells itself by criticizing previous Firefox


Technically Incorrect affords a barely twisted tackle the tech that is taken over our lives.


That’s how I used to look. Well, not the blonde hair.

Mozilla/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I’ve by no means needed to place all my eggs into Google’s basket.

I do not know what Google needs to make use of that basket for — and I’ve suspicions that it is not all good — so I attempt to use competing merchandise as a lot as I can. 

This has meant having, oh, a Hotmail account. (I do know, I do know.) And utilizing a number of browsers, with Firefox being the principal one.

I am moved by the Mozilla mission to make the net “open and accessible to all,” courtesy of a non-profit group. Well, greater than I am moved by Google’s mission, which appears to embody being a really for-profit group.

Using Firefox has, although, not been with out ache. It froze extra usually than a nerd on his first date. And it was as zippy as Mark Zuckerberg’s wit.

Now, nonetheless, there is a new Firefox browser referred to as Quantum. My colleague Stephen Shankland has been testing it for some time and says I ought to consider Mozilla’s guarantees for a brighter, quicker future.

To go along with the launch, Mozilla has launched an advert. I wish to consider in that too.

The advert guarantees that Quantum will finish your “wait face.”

It reveals a sequence of people who find themselves ready for pages to load and streams to stream. These folks haven’t got pleased faces. They’re not getting what they need proper now.

This is America, in any case.

As I watched this advert, just one thought occurred to me: “I used to look like that when I used old Firefox. Mozilla is admitting that old Firefox drove you nuts. How charming.”

This was remarkably open and accessible honesty. Or, not less than, so it appeared to me.

Just to make sure, although, I contacted Mozilla and requested: “Are you criticizing your old product?”

Chief advertising officer Jascha Kaykas-Wolff informed me: “Wait Face is all about the general frustration of slowness on the internet and how Firefox Quantum is the antidote to that. It’s fast because it’s built for modern devices and the way people today need their browser to perform.”

Well, that was diplomatic.

Still, I’ll attempt it. And I will see if I can return to penning this column by way of Firefox. (It’s dropped at you at the moment by Chrome.)

If I can, you perceive, it would make me really feel I am a greater individual. A barely higher individual from a really low base, that’s.

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