Fire helps general manager Jared Porter over explicit texts allegedly sent to female reporters

New York Mets fired general manager Jared Porter after owner Steve Cohen admitted Monday for allegedly sending lewd text messages to a female reporter. “There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior,” Cohen said in a tweet.

Porter sent graphic, uninvited text messages and pictures to the reporter in 2016 when he was working for the Chicago Cubs in his front office, ESPN reported on Monday night. Reportedly Porter sent the woman dozens of texts, which ended with a picture of “a straight, naked penis”. ESPN said it obtained a copy of Lesson History.

New York hired 41-year-old Porter last month. He agreed to a four-year contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks after spending the last four seasons as senior vice president and assistant general manager.

The team issued a statement Monday that Porter “failed to meet the Mets’ standards for professionalism and personal conduct.”

Mets-New GM
This screen grabbing from the zoom call shows Jared Porter, the New York Mets general manager, on Monday, December 14, 2020.

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The report did not identify the woman. ESPN said that she recently decided to come forward on the condition of anonymity because she is afraid of backlash in her country.

ESPN said the woman was a foreign correspondent who had moved to the United States to cover Major League Baseball. He met Porter in the lift of a Yankee Stadium in June 2016, and he said he briefly talked about international baseball and exchanged business cards. He told ESPN that he only ever spoke.

ESPN said that after the text exchange that began casually, Porter began praising her look, inviting her to meet in various cities and asking why he was ignoring her.

According to ESPN, before sending the last pornographic photo she sent her a lewd photo, the woman ignored more than 60 of Porter’s messages. The woman told ESPN that she deliberately tried to avoid a pair of big league ballparks and Porter’s texts eventually contributed to her decision to leave the journalism industry and return to her home country.

ESPN reported that Porter apologized to the woman in 2016 after seeing the nude photo and wrote to her that her messages were “highly inappropriate, very abusive and out of line”, ESPN reported.

ESPN said it contacted Porter on Monday evening, and she admitted texting with the woman. At first, he said that he had not sent any pictures of himself, but when informed to the exchanges that he had sent selfies and other photos, he said “the more obvious ones are not mine. They are like, jokingly like Are., “ESPN reported.

ESPN said that after asking whether the outlet intended to run the story, Porter requested more time before commenting further.

This is another embarrassing development for the Mets, who have excited fans by acquiring star shortstop Francisco Lindor and several other notable players, as Cohen bought the club from the Wilpen and Katz families for $ 2.42 billion in early November.

Under former GM Barody Van Vagenen, the previous Metsons hired former slogger Carlos Beltran as manager, only to cut ties with him 2 1/2 months later, when he was investigated by an MLB illegal signing from Houston. , While Beltran was an astro player. In 2017.

Beltran was let go by the Mets – without managing a single game – just a year earlier on January 16, 2020, following a 77-day stint. The ESPN report was posted online 37 days after Porter was introduced as GM, a role he called “a dream job” but one that is now in grave danger.

“Jared has proven himself at every level and earned respect from his teammates in every situation,” Alderson said in a statement.

Prior to his Diamondbacks stint, Porter worked with The Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs under Theo Epstein, winning three World Series championships in front office in Boston and one more with the Cubs. ESPN said he was the Cubs director of professional scouting when he sent messages to the woman.

Not fully familiar with the English language and American culture, the woman was helped by the interpreter to create a message to Porter, asking her “please stop sending objectionable photos” or the message. ESPN reported that he apologized to the text several times and said he would stop.

ESPN said it interviewed three other people who said they had seen or been told about the texts at the time.

ESPN reported that the woman finally informed her bosses and engaged in 2016 with her country’s lawyer and cub employee. According to ESPN, she did not want to publicly identify the employee because she feared retaliation.

He said the cub employee told that his porter wanted to apologize to the person, but she did not want to see him. She said the employee repeatedly pressured her whether she planned to file a lawsuit against Porter and was angered months later when she saw the employee at spring training in 2017 and said she was still considering it ESPN reported.

ESPN said the employee confirmed on Monday that he discussed the situation with Porter and the woman, but denied being offended. The woman did not pursue legal action and told ESPN that she had no plans.

“This story came to our attention tonight and we are not aware of the incident,” Shab said in a statement to ESPN late Monday.

The club said, “If we had been informed, we would have acted swiftly. Because the alleged behavior is a violation of our code of conduct.” “While both of these individuals are not with the organization, we take sexual harassment issues seriously and plan to investigate the case.”

New York quickly replaced the previous winter from Beltran to quality control coach Luis Rojas, who managed the Mets to a 26–34 record during the 2020 pandemic. They finished last in the NL East with Washington and missed the playoffs for the fourth straight year. Rosa is set to return this season.

Cohen brought back the Meters’ general manager Alderson from 2010–18 as the team’s chairman and he immediately fired Van Wagenen and several of his top office colleagues.

The team initially sought to appoint a president of baseball operations, but changed course when it was unable to obtain permission to interview several candidates around majors and did not want to transfer at least one to New York .

Instead, the 73-year-old Alderson has taken over baseball operations, and the idea that Porter was supposed to possibly develop into that role when reporting to Alderson.

When introduced as GM last month, Porter said, “I think what we talked about is just a cultural change.” “Adding Good People to the Organization. Improving Organizational Culture.”


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