Fintech wins when bank stocks go down, says Jim Cramer

CNBC’s Jim Kramer said that when financial stocks came out of the market, the financial technology segment of the market charged interest from amateur buyers, who wager on their shares.

The “Mad Money” host said, “Whenever bank stocks go down, we immediately get to buy large-scale option-calls in PayPal and Square.” “Market makers who have to reduce calls and then reduce stocks to protect themselves are overwhelmed by the endless purchases they have never seen.”

The comments came after shares of JP Morgan and Citigroup – both announcing quarterly results before the market opened – fell 2% and 5% respectively despite posting top and bottom line beats in their quarterly reports.

This is because Wall Street has little interest in owning banking shares. Given the precarious state of the global economy, the sector has been limited, and the market has declined throughout the year.

Shares of Square and Peeple gained nearly 3% on the session, while the headline average pulled a four-day win streak.

“Buyers will not leave and [short sellers] These novels are being destroyed in pieces because of young buyers who don’t understand how to make it and think they are talented, “Kramer said. I don’t know how these buyers get out of their positions, but their The willingness to pay for PayPal and Square is staggering. Professionals hate rising stocks with their purchases. “

Disclosure: Kramer’s charitable trust owns shares of JP Morgan.

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