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Finn Balor makes a surprise appearance on NXT UK TakeOver

An angle on NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool took a member of the main WWE list to make a surprise appearance.

Finn Balor replaced Travis Banks in TakeOver in the United Kingdom: Blackpool, defeating Jordan Devlin. The pre-show for the special featured an angle where Devlin's video was shown attacking Banks when he arrived at the building. WWE claimed that Banks had been medically authorized to fight, but he and Devlin fought before their game officially began and Devlin attacked Banks' knee.

Devlin did a promotion in the ring and said he did not look like he had a competition on TakeOver. Devlin also called himself "the best Irish fighter alive." The crowd sang "Finn", and Devlin responded by asking "who?"

The authority figures on screen of NXT UK, Johnny Saint and Sid Scala then took the stage, Scala said they had a backup plan and Balor made his entrance.

Balor was one of Devlin's coaches, which contributed to the history of the match. They had a competitive match, with Balor winning with the Coup de Grace.

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