Final judgment theory of the Yellowstone supervolcano & # 39; demonstrably false & # 39; – USGS expert in RT –

Final judgment theory of the Yellowstone supervolcano & # 39; demonstrably false & # 39; – USGS expert in RT


If you spend some time on the Internet, it seems that every few months humanity faces a menacing existential threat from the depths of space. Planet X / Nibiru, the rapture or a capricious comet, according to the conspiracy theorists, are destined to destroy us.

However, there is a particular conspiracy, treasured by theorists, that our impending fate will come from planet Earth: lurking under the Yellowstone National Park of the United States is a supervolcano that will kill us all.

Yellowstone, in the Midwest of the United States, is about to erupt and send unfathomable amounts of matter into the sky, covering anyone in the vicinity in a pyroclastic flow of ash and rock, and blocking the sun , annihilating almost all life on Earth in the process.

Conspiracy theories tend to resort to a bit of truth. The super volcano has actually erupted before, three times, in fact, in the last 2 billion years or so, but the theory says that it is bound to do it again soon, right? met with Michael Poland, Scientist in charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, to discover the magnitude of this "threat". supervolcanic that lurks.

Poland specializes in volcano geophysics, particularly how volcanoes change and behave over time. Using GPS, satellites and other methods, study how the surface of Yellowstone National Park moves to discover what is happening next.

First, what is a super volcano?

"Super volcanoes, or super eruptions, are these eruptions that are on the scale of intensity of the eruption, there is something called the explosive index of the volcano (VEI) and the eruptions that have a VEI of eight are considered super eruptions, and that is quite mbadive, most of the eruptions we see would be VEI three, four, the big ones are five and then once a century or so there are six, then a VEI eight is really tremendous. "

What would it take to cause one?

"You have to have an amazing amount of magma in the subsoil, so that's one of the criteria, so you can put all that on the surface and in the atmosphere, you must have it below the And I think that's something interesting about Yellowstone, we do not know if there is enough magma below the surface to have a super eruption, the evidence suggests that a large part of the magma deposit is actually solid, and about 50 percent it is melted, so there may not be enough there to have a super eruption. "

With this in mind, what are the chances that Yellowstone will explode its top?

"I think the chances of a super-disruption in our lives, in the lives of our children, in the lives of our grandchildren are astronomically small, I could not even quantify it, it's not something that worries me" .

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"It seems strange to me that Yellowstone is the volcano that is going to condemn The humanity." One of the things that worries me is that there have been super eruptions when humans have been on the planet. There were two and, in fact, both were larger than the last Yellowstone eruption. There was one about 74,000 years ago from Indonesia and there was one 27,000 years ago from New Zealand. Both were larger than the last eruption in Yellowstone and humanity survived. "

What about the so-called swarms of earthquakes in Yellowstone? And there was not a particularly strong swarm earlier this year , 4.5 on the Richter scale?

"Yes, 4.5 is definitely remarkable, you would feel it and people did it, but there was a 4.8 in 2014 and there was a 7.5 in 1959. Certainly, the swarm This summer was really impressive, there were thousands of earthquakes, but that's what Yellowstone does. It has swarms all the time and one of them has to be the largest. I do not see that as something to fear, instead, I see it as a great opportunity to study. "

" The idea that Yellowstone is going to erupt and kill us all is so demonstrably false. I think there is a strange disconnect between common sense and reality, and what we know to be true and false based on past events and this irrational fear about Yellowstone in particular. "

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