Final Fantasy XVI will feature a story-focused player mode

In an interview with the hosts of “Game Hack,” a Japan-based radio show, producer Naoki Yoshida revealed more details about Final Fantasy XVI. This included a discussion on the various modes that will be available in Final Fantasy XVI, one of which will cater to players who are more focused on the story elements of the next main title. Additionally, Yoshida spoke about his aspirations for the story and what he hopes to convey through his narrative. [Thanks, Games Talk!]

Regarding the combat of Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida revealed that the game will include story and action elements. However, a Final Fantasy XVI The story-centric mode will be available for those who are not so used to action-oriented gameplay. This mode will include a variety of support actions, which were not detailed in the interview and only mentioned. However, Yoshida noted that the gameplay will be smooth and easy to learn.

In discussing the narrative of Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida spoke about his experience as belonging to the generation that was able to experience the series from its inception. He stated that he would like to “create a world within the Final Fantasy a universe that excites those who understand the complexities and realities of good and evil ”. Also, Yoshida mentioned that this post will focus on the difficulties and experiences of becoming an adult, so he hopes that people will also be passionate about it.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5. It was announced in early October 2020 that basic development and production of scenarios for Final Fantasy XVI was finished.

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