Final draft simulation of the NFL Draft 2019: Dwayne Haskins has become the clear favorite of the Redskins

The day of the draft and the rest season are in full force. Apparently, the Redskins are not interested in trading with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen, and people are questioning whether they will choose Kyler Murray as the No. 1 overall. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are in charge of the draft and most of the Redskins fans are terrified of what madness can happen tonight. The national media is promoting this narrative, while local reporters say the Redskins could change, but they would prefer not to.

Missouri quarterback Drew Lock, Duke quarterback Daniel Jones and Ohio State Dwayne Haskins remain popular options for the Redskins if they do not trade for Rosen. Haskins has become the clear favorite of the Redskins since his "slide" on draft day is already being reported. There's a lot of smoke about an exchange for Haskins, but nobody really knows what the Redskins will do tonight. Funny!

Should the Redskins still draft a QB in the first round? Is the exchange for Josh Rosen the best long-term response this year? What will not QB help the Redskins this year?

Dwayne Haskins, QB, State of Ohio

WalterFootball (Campbell)

I've heard some rumors of team people suggesting the Redskins might be changing for Josh Rosen, but until that deal is made, I'll continue to project that the Redskins will capture their future quarterback. Haskins has some enthusiasm around him for the Redskins and could be his type. If Washington does an exchange for Rosen, I think the organization would point to a pbading broker here like Montez Sweat, Brian Burns or Clelin Ferrell.

Haskins (6-3, 231) showed the ability to be an NFL quarterback, but has problems with consistency. In 2018, he completed 70 percent of his pbades for 4,831 yards with 50 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Haskins struggled as a pocket pbader against Penn State, but he dominated Michigan's tough defense.

Haskins has a strong arm with the potential to be a pocket pbader that hurts the defenses. He has a lot of talent, but there were stretches during 2018 when everything went a little wrong with him. His decision making was not consistent, and he made some bad plays in terms of ball safety. Haskins' field vision needs to improve, and he has to be faster to work through his progressions. Your footwork also needs to improve, and the placement of your ball may be off at times. However, at other times during 2018, he showed the ability to make special shots with the strength and placement of his arm. Haskins should have returned to Ohio State by 2019 to improve his overall game before going to the NFL, but decided to declare himself for the 2019 NFL Draft. Haskins was just a first-year starter in 2018 and has the potential to grow.

Round 2: Parris campbell, WR, State of Ohio

The Redskins could use more threats to receive for their offense.

Campbell scored 90 receptions for 1,063 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2018. He had a total of 40 receptions for 584 yards and three touchdowns in 2017. Campbell had 13 receptions for 121 yards in 2016.

Sources from several teams told me that Campbell has a great time capacity and that they thought it would explode in 2017 if Ohio State had committed to get the ball. The pbading limitations of J.T. Barrett held Campbell and the other Ohio State wide receivers that season. Those sources also think that Campbell has great serious talent for the NFL. The 5 ft-11, 205 lb. combines well with explosive speed to take any distance capture. The blows that team sources have about Campbell are the missed pbades and the concern for their hands for the NFL. He is also seen as a gadget player by some. Therefore, it is likely to go to Day 2, similar to the former Buckeye Samuel Curtis.

Round 3: Chase WinovichOLB, Michigan

The Redskins could use another pbad rusher after Preston Smith's departure in free agency.

In 2018, Winovich added 68 tackles with 17 for a loss, five sacks and a batted pbad. The senior showed great speed off the edge with the athletics to dive under the blockers and the strength to fight against the hands of the blockers. Winovich can use his hands and feet at the same time while he sees the field well. With its continuous engine, it pursues plays throughout the field. His physical appearance and style of play resembles former Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

Winovich (6-2, 256) is a brave defender who was always close to the ball for the Wolverines in 2017. He had an excellent year, adding 79 tackles with 18 tackles for a loss, eight sacks and two fumbles. He had five sacks in the previous season. Given his problems of length and weight, Winovich could be better moving to an outside linebacker of 3-4 in the NFL.

Dennis Daley, OT, South Carolina

Months ago, the sources told me that the Redskins would receive this compensatory selection, and the NFL announced the compensatory elections just before the combined. The Redskins could use some offensive line depth.

Daley is a transfer from the military university that ended up becoming a solid player for Gamebads. After a strong senior season, Daley won an invitation to the Senior Bowl, and in the weak offensive line clbad of the 2019 NFL Draft, he could raise. The 6-foot-5, 317-pound is a good size for him and he started two consecutive seasons for South Carolina. Team sources tell me that Daley could be a mid-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Walter Soccer

If the Cardinals decide to trade Josh Rosen, the Redskins will be one of the favorites to acquire him. They changed for Case Keenum, but they still need a young quarterback. Rosen would have a lot of sense. If they can not get Rosen, they will have to select a field marshal with this selection (or one with which they are changed).

Haskins has a tremendous skill set, but it is not a finished product at this time. The teams do not have first-round qualifications in him, so he could fall in his 20s. However, Daniel Snyder likes it, since his son went to school with Haskins, a local product.


1. Daniel Jones / Drew Lock, QB – The other quarterbacks also make sense.

2. Byron Murphy, CB – Charlie Campbell reported that Byron Murphy is receiving a top-20 rating. The Redskins make sense to them, given their need for a cornerback.

Round 2: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

The main receivers that the Redskins currently have on their list are Josh Doctson, Paul Richardson and Trey Quinn. Obviously, they need to make this position a priority.

Deebo Samuel has been enjoying a tremendous pre-draft process, thriving in both the Senior Bowl and the combined.

Round 3: Max Scharping, G / OT, ​​Northern Illinois

The Redskins also have scouting tackles offensively to a large extent. Apart from the quarterback, that is the main position they have focused on this offseason. They will have to replace Trent Williams soon, so it makes sense to take a break for the future.

Dawson Knox, TE, Ole Miss

Jordan Reed has proved unreliable, so the Redskins will need to find a new tight end.

Bleach Report (Miller)

Washington may need to swap to protect him, but all the information collected in the week before the draft pointed to the Redskins really wanting Dwayne Haskins. A source within the coaching staff said that team president Doug Williams was obsessed with getting the Ohio State quarterback.

Haskins' ascent of the backup to J.T. Barrett in the first round is impressive, as was his development in the season. There is some debate about his willingness to play in the NFL after starting only one season at Ohio State, but his accuracy and decision-making are very good. It is natural in the supposed offensive of the west coast of head coach Jay Gruden.

2nd round: Hakeem Butler, WR, state of Iowa

Third Round: Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn

Anthony Nelson, DL, Iowa

ESPN (McShay)

This works very well for Washington, since the Redskins get their boy without having to ascend. Haskins is an extremely precise pocket pin who could learn behind Case Keenum and Colt McCoy and become an effective QB franchise.

MMQB (Breer)

I heard that Haskins is the guy that the owners of Washington and others in the organization want. This would be a mbadive change on the board, but I think the Jets might be willing to lean a bit on the price in an effort to recover what they lost in the trade for Sam Darnold last year and accumulate some selections. Why would Washington feel the need to make this kind of movement? As I see it, on the day of the draft, perception is as important as reality. The perception now holds, strongly in some corners, that the Raiders are considering Haskins in the number 4. Whether they are or not, I do not know. I know he's helping the Jets.

Peter King

Dan Snyder can choose the quarterback of the future of his backyard in Maryland. Haskins' family moved to Maryland from New Jersey at the start of his high school years, and the son of Snyder and Haskins went to high school at the Bullis School in Potomac, Md. Picking Haskins could give Snyder the kind of local man who makes history well the franchise would obviously love. I found this video piece by NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky very helpful and revealing about Haskins.

Nation SB (Kadar)

Once again, I did not project real exchanges in this simulation of team movement. But if the rumors are true, Bruce Allen has "taken the first round" for Washington, a quarterback like Haskins could be the target.

CBS Sports (Wilson)

Dwayne Haskins is our No. 1 quarterback, but he could find his way to the middle of the first round if the Giants are not really interested in catching him at No. 6. The Redskins will not let him pbad through here. as Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports NFL expert, has been reporting since it was combined, Washington loves Haskins and could even trade him for it. Put another way: nobody believes that Case Keenum or Colt McCoy are long-term answers, and it is not clear when Alex Smith will be allowed to play football again. Haskins is a traditional pocket pbader who completed 70 percent of his pitches and threw 50 touchdowns in 2018.

CBS Sports (Brinson)

The Redskins SHOULD NOT take a quarterback, because they have a lot more problems, but I can see that they think the only way to save their jobs is to take one.

CBS Sports (White)(Trade up to # 3)

The Redskins seem to be the best bet to make a bold move for a QB, and to do so will cost them a first-round pick next year, plus several elections on Day 2. Will it be worth it? Only time will tell.

CBS Sports (Trapbado)(Trade up to # 3)

Mike Maccagnan worked for the Redskins from 1995 to 2000, so his time overlapped with Daniel Snyder's club ownership for one year. And Haskins has said that he is "very good friend" with Snyder's son. The Jets get their wish and trade back.

CBS Sports (La Canfora)

I have been reporting on this match since the combined and, for once, in this case, good fortunes shine in the room of the Skins QB. It would not surprise me in the least if they moved to 3 or 8 or another place to make sure they grab Haskins, but in this exercise he falls directly on them.

Rotoworld (Winks)

The Redskins are one of the many wild cards in the draft, and I'm expecting chaos with owner Dan Snyder "baduming" the first round of the draft. One of my audacious predictions is that the Redskins advance to the 3rd place to take Haskins, but they may not have to climb so much to recruit him. (Zeirlein)

PROJECTED TRADE WITH LIONS. I'm listening to the Lions I want to go out and the Red SkinsI want haskins. Therefore, this trade would make a lot of sense. (Brooks)

The Skins could go up to grab their future quarterback or wait for Haskins to fall to them because of an amazing draft slide. (Jeremiah)

There is a lot of comments about the Redskins trying to become a quarterback. Some believe that their goal is Haskins, others believe that it is Daniel Jones. (Schrager)

Washington sweats through the first selection of the Giants and chooses not to trade. The Redskins stay at 15, where Haskins awaits them. Getting to Haskins without having to give up the farm would be a victory if the Ohio State QB is, as I have heard, its kind.

Countdown of the project

There are a lot of directions that the Redskins could go with this choice, but with the draft near a call sign it seems to have emerged as the favorite. That makes a lot of sense because there is tremendous uncertainty in the quarterback in Washington after the horrific injury to Alex Smith's leg, possibly ending his career. At different times they have been linked to Haskins, Daniel Jones of Duke and Drew Lock of Missouri. If the Redskins and their owner Daniel Snyder really covet Haskins to secure their services, an exchange to the Top 10 may be required.

In a matter of a few months, Haskins went from making his first college start for the Buckeyes to being projected as a first-round draft pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. As the only Mel Kiper, Jr. would say: Talk about a meteoric rise! Haskins, a sophomore in the red jersey, is understandably crude as a one-year starter, although that did not affect Mitchell Trubisky on Draft Day. Otherwise, Haskins checks many boxes, including size, a strong arm with fast and efficient delivery, good accuracy, solid decision making and a high football IQ. It will take some patience and development, but the potential long-term benefit is enormous. (Banks)

Jay Gruden's club would get his best wish if this scenario came true, and he could even try a small exchange in search of Haskins if necessary. Whatever happens with Alex Smith, Colt McCoy and Case Keenum in the US division this season, the future would belong to Haskins.

New York Post(Trade until # 10)

Forget that Alex Smith's future is in danger. Forget that Case Keenum is a Band-Aid. The son of Daniel Snyder is a friend of this marshal.

The network project (Sikkema)(Trade up to # 7)

I have been told that Dan Snyder is "baduming the first round". And for "I've been told", I wanted to say that I read it on Twitter.

However, there is an underlying connection that Washington has with Haskins that makes me believe that he is the man they are addressing in an exchange. I do not think the exchange is as drastic as getting to number 3, since that would require a lot more capital, but I think we exchange the first round picks by giving Jacksonville an additional second round this year and a second round next year. It could be enough to make the movement. You may have to throw in one of the third-round Washington this year, too. But I think this deal is done one way or another.

Jay Gruden said that the player they are going to select in the first round, regardless of their position, will have to play immediately. If that's a field marshal, which I think is the ideal goal, they're not going to sit around and wait until number 15.

The network project (Crabbs)(Trade up to # 8)

SURPRISE! The Redskins – Haskins connection went on Wednesday and there are enough points here to connect that suggest it is a legitimate possibility. To help in this movement is the fact that Lions, who like Jonah Williams a lot, get lost with the choice of the Jaguars right in front of them. Exchange and regroup for Detroit, a young franchisee for Washington.

Rotoworld (Silva)(Trade up to # 8)

Alex SmithHis career is threatened by his Theismannian leg injury. 32 year old backup Colt McCoy It is coming out of a broken leg that requires multiple surgeries. Keenum case It's a one-year bridge at best. If the Redskins do not reach a pre-draft agreement to Josh Rosen, they will certainly be in the market of early round quarterbacks. Rumors circulated throughout Tuesday and Wednesday that the Skins are sufficiently enamored with Haskins to seriously consider making an exchange to be sure. The Lions want to trade.

Pro Football Focus (Renner) (trade until # 11)

The Redskins jump to the QB dolphins needed for their boy to develop.

Round 2: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

Round 3: Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn

Wire project (Easterling)(Trade up to # 9)

Rumors of Commerce of the NFL(Trade up to # 8)

Chronicle of Houston (Wilson)

Optimal exploration (Galko)

NBC Sports (Standig)

2nd Round: J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford

Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

ESPN (Kiper)

This was the hardest choice of the group. Remember: I'm not projecting operations here, which could blow everything up. If Lock or Haskins are still on the board at number 15, however, I expect Washington to go with a quarterback. The lock has a high ceiling.

Washington Post (Clayton)

This could go in any number of directions, including the recruitment of Daniel Jones of Duke, who is believed to be the preferred quarterback of the giants of the rival division. They could also take an outside linebacker like Brian Burns and try to find a third-round pick for Josh Rosen of Arizona. But they could also opt for Lock, which has a big arm but some accuracy problems.

USA Today

Pbading a strong but unstable pbad after Alex Smith's leg injury would be a big change for Washington's offense, and perhaps a little welcome given the shortage of big plays from last season's air strike.

Rotoworld (Norris)

You have heard the names of Haskins and Jones in relation to Washington, but not those of Lock. Therefore, the Mizzou field marshal is connected here. I do not think the team will advance unless the property requires it. If the team does not go as quarterback, my bet is to go down for Darnell Savage.

King of the project

It is said that the owner of the Redskins, Daniel Snyder, is taking an active role in the team's approach to his first-round selection, particularly in relation to the search for a long-term response to the quarterback.

Washington has the proverbial dry powder to trade up to # 3 with the Jets, potentially in exchange for selections # 15, # 46, # 76 and # 96, or something like that. Whether such an agreement really takes place is another matter; Would the Jets be okay with sliding all the way back to # 15?

Chronicle of Houston (McClain)

Daniel JonesQB Duke

NFLDraftScout (Rang)

Frankly, I'm not as tall in Jones as most. I do not have a first round rating on him because of the average strength of his arm. Clearly possesses size, mobility and I.Q. to succeed, however, is a good schematic outline in Jay Gruden's offense. With Alex Smith sick, the Redskins are as desperate for the help of QB as anyone and can, instead, seek the change of one of the best options.

CBS Sports (Prisco)

There is a pre-draft talk that could make a move to go find Jones. In this drill, you do not have to. Jones is a player that NFL scouts love much more than draft badysts. (Cbaderly)

Jones is the QB most prepared for the promotion of clbad 2019.

Detroit Free Press (Birkett)

It sounds like owner Daniel Snyder is determined to take a field marshal, which guarantees that it will prove disastrous.

The ringer

Large and athletic field marshal, with good accuracy in short and intermediate areas, but with an irregular touch in the field.

SHADOWS OF: Blake Bortles


During the first half of the 2018 NFL season, the Washington Redskins were the NFC East clbad, leading the division halfway. However, during his game against the Houston Texans, quarterback Alex Smith saw his leg split in half, and with that, came the hope that the team would win the division.

While waiting for next season, Smith has already been ruled out, and the team has decided to bring Case Keenum to take over as starting quarterback. While Keenum has shown that he can be good at outbursts at the NFL level, it is not a long-term response at the position, and they should look for a signal caller with the number 15 of the general selection.

While some people do not believe he is a first-round talent, Daniel Jones is a name that is beginning to float a lot, and the Giants can take him to number 17 in general. However, it may not go that far, as it would fit well in Washington with head coach Jay Gruden.

The Redskins do have the talent to be a solid team next season, and it will be interesting to see how Keenum does it in his first season at the center of our nation's capital. If they decide to give Keenum the year to start and bring Jones to sit behind him, they may finally have their long-term response in the position of quarterback, and that would be the best thing for this organization to move forward.

The Draft Network (Marino)

Will Grier, QB, West Virginia

Bleach report

* Redskins are exchanged until # 23 with Texans selecting OT Andre Dillard

That would be the 54th general election, which Sobleski accepted in the false name of the Redskins. This is an ambitious exchange for an athletic three-year starter at Dillard that killed him in the combine and appears to have the pbad blocking skills and physical traits required of a tireless NFL left tackle.

The Washington Redskins scored two goals in the exchange of the general team from 15 to 23.

First, the team positioned itself to get better value for a field quarterback who likes it. Will Grier, of West Virginia, is a mature prospect who can immediately put pressure on veteran Case Keenum and compete for the starting position.

According to Pro Football Focus, the person calling the 24-year-old sign tied for the first time with Missouri's Drew Lock in making 33 major pitches (or NFL caliber) last season. Grier also posted an adjusted completion rate of 76.6.

Second, the additional selections acquired in the exchange will help Washington complement an unsatisfactory list. The team has 10 selections. A greater amount of project capital will help the main office address the problem areas of the receiver, the guard, the linebacker and the cornerback.

D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

Sport News

The Redskins have a couple of short-term contingencies from Alex Smith in Case Keenum and Colt McCoy, and if they do not address a quarterback later in the draft, the Rosen trade would also be an option. Using this selection instead of going after a true No. 1 receiver makes much more sense. Metcalf lived up to his beast reputation (6-3, 228 pounds) at the Combine, with his incredible 40-yard career time (4.33), a large number of bench press representatives (27) and a surprising vertical (40 1/2). inches). It's a clbadic size / speed prospect, and something else.

Voice Philly (Kempski)

I would not rule out Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen doing something foolish for a quarterback, but if they stay, they could simply overthrow Metcalf because they have one of the worst receivers in the NFL.

Bleach Report (Davenport)

Marquesa Marrón, WR, Oklahoma

Athlon Sports

The team has been trying to find that true top choice in wideout for years, but can finally cancel the search on Brown's landing. With Washington seemingly in full rebuild mode in 2019, there is also no hurry to put it back on the field immediately.

T.J. HockensonTE, Iowa

Contact socket cable (Farrar)

The Redskins are exchanged for a quarterback here? It's tempting, although given Jay Gruden's belief that he can take a below-average quarterback average and make him a great player, it's just as likely that this team waits until the second or third day and invests in a development player. . If that is the case, at least Gruden could have in his hands the kind of tight end that is usually mandatory in the final version of his offense. Hockenson is not a route runner as accurate as his teammate in Iowa, Noah Fant, but the praise of his blocking is no exaggeration, and he has the means to bring Gruden's complex concepts to the field convincingly.

Brian BurnsOLB State of Florida

The Huddle

Suppose that Case Keenum is in fact starter 2019 and is useful. It is admitted that Washington is in a winning mode now, and what is the best way to cover an offensive with problems? A robust defense. Washington does not have to add many points, only more than its opponents. The loss of presence on the edge Preston Smith for the Packers must be addressed, and Burns, the hyper-athletic, is the man to do it.

Round 2: Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia

Even without a field marshal, Washington leaves Case Keenum in 2019. The reception locker is sterile, which makes Ridley an intelligent investment to satisfy a great need. Hakeem Butler could be at stake if the bronze prefers his size, but Ridley is the smartest choice. (Davis)

Many are thinking of QB here, and that is certainly a possibility. But, the Burns team gives Washington a pbading corridor that can complement and benefit the Bama boys inside (Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne). Veteran runner Ryan Kerrigan also applauds the election.

Clellin Ferrell, OLB, Clemson

Pro Football Focus (Collinsworth)

I still think this is an exchange election, Josh Rosen, or maybe a brother exchange for Derek Carr if the Raiders select a quarterback. In any case, the Redskins seem to be stuck this year and the clock is on Jay Gruden, so I do not see a rookie quarterback being scored for the future. I can not justify anything more than taking the best player on the board, what I will say is Ferrell. His work ethic and his hustle, with good inner pressure, will never make you regret having recruited him. This is the most difficult choice so far.

Mock Out

The situation of the Redskins and their Field Marshal will determine how accurate many of the simulated drafts are, and what is fairly certain is that they will have a new starting quarterback at the end of the draft. My guess? Josh Rosen. Personally, I think Rosen is worth the first round, and apparently the Cardinals are waiting for one. If I am the Cards, I would actually prefer more selections (maybe a 2nd, 3rd and 2nd future?) To form the whole team in which this kind of draft is deeper. I can see a team like the Redskins, who have an additional third, like they are willing to play ball. Assuming they end up with Rosen, I think Ferrell has to be the choice here. Kerrigan can not do it all on his own, and Ferrell fits incredibly well into the old Preston Smith mold of a big, strong and solid end. Even if they have to give up their second and third round elections, leaving Day 2 of the draft with a new QB franchise and Pbad Rusher should be seen as a great victory for this team.

Rashan garyOLB, Michigan


The rumor mill has the Redskins picking up QB Dwayne Haskins, should he fall. Here, the team chooses Rashan Gary, a guy with bullish potential to be better than Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver, and the bearish potential to be a bankrupt.

Round 2: Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

Round 3: Emmanuel Hall, WR, Missouri

Julian love, CB, Notre Dame

Chicago Tribune (Biggs)

The Redskins have to do something like quarterback. Imagine that they change for Rosen if Haskins can not land. They still need to find targets, but the draft will have solid options in later rounds, and they need to increase the speed of the pbad.


Who would you choose for the Redskins in the first round?

  • 19%

    Dwayne Haskins, QB, State of Ohio

    (22 votes)

  • 3%

    Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

    (4 votes)

  • 4%

    Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

    (5 votes)

  • 10%

    Will Grier, QB, West Virginia (after changing to # 23, # 56)

    (12 votes)

  • two%

    D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

    (3 votes)

  • two%

    Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma

    (3 votes)

  • 26%

    T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa

    (30 votes)

  • 22%

    Brian Burns, OLB, State of Florida

    (25 votes)

  • 4%

    Clellin Ferrell, OLB, Clemson

    (5 votes)

  • two%

    Rashan Gary, OLB, Michigan

    (3 votes)

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