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Final details published for Community Day with Swinub themes of Pokémon GO


Another month, another day of the community. The Pokémon star of this month of February is complementary to the current winter season, at least for one hemisphere. We know about Swinub's next invasion in the digital world, but today some more details have been cemented. According to the previous events, Niantic updated the trainers through the social networks and their community Day page with the following:

First there is the special movement limited to these catch-a-thon sessions. From the beginning of the Community Day in your region until one hour after its completion, you may have an old power. Mamoswine. Sorry, fans of Piloswine, but we have the opportunity to have a brilliant version of this evolution (and its exquisite locks).

Of course, to get a Mamoswine, you'll need a Sinnoh Stone. Do not have one? You have the opportunity to win up to ten Sinnoh Stones on Community Day. The problem is that you will have to win them in the battle. Begin to perfect your team so you can be prepared to challenge five trainers and practice five times with the Team Leaders. In addition to that bonus, the full weekend will increase Trainer's battle rewards to five per day.

Charge your batteries and gather your friends this Saturday! Use the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay on social media platforms and you can see that your photos reach the Pokémon GO site.

Written by Jennifer Burch

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