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Filtered specifications of PlayStation 5 indicate a massive improvement over Xbox One X


The leaks of the technical specifications of PlayStation 5 have emerged after it was rumored that the main developers received kits of development.

The specifications of the PS5 show that it will come with built-in VR capabilities, along with a GPU based on AMD's Navi technology and an eight-core custom Zen CPU. The Navi GPU architecture has been estimated by a source to operate at 50TFLOPs + half precision and 30TFLOPs of single precision with between 16 and 128GB of RAM "Nexgen Memory". Meanwhile, a standard eight-core Zen CPU has a clock frequency of 3.4-4.1GHz. Such specifications compared to 6TFLOPs, 12GB of RAM and 2.3 GHz processor of Xbox One X will make the PlayStation 5 the new & # 39; most powerful console in the world & # 39 ;.

Earlier this week, the technology news website, SemiAccurate, reported that major game development companies have received PS5 development kits. This claim gains credibility from a series of recent events. Hellblade: Senua & # 39; s Sacrifice developer Ninja Theory recently published a work publication that refers to "next-generation melee action". Meanwhile, last month, CD Projekt RED sparked rumors that its next game, Cyberpunk 2077 will be ready for the next-generation consoles, which helps suggest that the PS5 is in the hands of the developers, with statements saying that their technology "is ready to interact with future generations" and that Cyberpunk 2077 is "very advanced." .

The SemiAccurate article predicts a release date of 2018 for the console. However, that estimate is countered by technology analyst Michael Pacher after Wccftech approached to ask for his opinion on a release date . Pacher claims a "25% [probability of release] next year and 75% in 2020." A final release date would make sense, giving developers enough time to work with the development kits and produce launch titles. Pachter stated in the 1099 podcast that Sony "is not going to launch the PS5 until the sales momentum of the PS4 slows down" but the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro still sell well.

The PS4 was launched in 2013, and the PS4 Pro was launched in 2016, which means that if Sony continues with that launch schedule, then a release of PS5 is possible in 2019. However, if the company wants to wait A couple of more years for the PS4 Pro to live a more normal console cycle, suggesting that the PS5 will be released by the end of 2020 or between the beginning and mid-2021 may be more accurate. Currently, Sony and other studios are pulling out more titles that have Pro support, growing that initially small library and increasing the potential life of the console of the middle generation.

Pacher predicts that, in the future, Sony will gradually eliminate the PS4 base and make the PS4 Pro the only available model, with a reduced price of USD $ 250. The PS5 will then become Sony's dedicated 4K machine .

Last year, Pacher predicted that Sony would not give the PS5 a price of $ 500 or more if the Xbox One X is not sold enough to indicate that people are willing to pay for the highs Specifications. Microsoft has not yet revealed sales statistics for Xbox One X, which may show that sales have not been as expected, helping solidify the assumption that the PS5 will sell for less than $ 500 and possibly closer to the initial price of $ 400 the PS4.

Sony may be working on a stellar line-up of release titles with Death Stranding The Last Of Us Part II Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima being some of the games of the company in development, but there is no confirmed release date.

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