Filmmakers appeal to Congress to save filmmakers

Industry groups in Hollywood on Wednesday appealed to Congress to help save movie theaters in the US that have been financially crushed during the coronovirus epidemic months ago.

28,000 employees to be exempted

There are some industries that have written to groups representing movie theaters and movie studios in a letter to MPs that these cinemas “cannot survive the effects of the epidemic.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that theaters in major markets are still closed due to local restrictions.

Analysts estimate 93% of theaters saw a 75% drop in revenue. The report states that these theaters employ 150,000 people across the country.

Entertainment Weekly reported that some of the most influential players in the film industry signed a letter appealing for financial support to movie theaters.

Answer: No.

As you contemplate the upcoming COVID-19 relief law, we ask you to prioritize aid for the hardest-hit industries, like our country’s beloved movie theaters …. designed for their circumstances A solution made, the theater may not have survived the effects of the epidemic. , “The letter said, according to the report.

It has been widely reported that movie theaters are facing new challenges even before the outbreak of coronovirus.

There seems to be a new streaming service every month and some cinematographers are using high-end clients to make the experience special.

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But the industry faces strong headwinds. Megan McArdle, a Washington Post columnist, wrote an article on Monday titled, “Be Prepared to Say Goodbye to Movie Theaters.” “The modern film business is poised to operate on a large scale, opening up thousands of mega-budget blockbusters. Once of the screen. It’s unclear what happens if a significant portion of that capacity Just disappears over the course of a year or two, ”she wrote.

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