Fighting in the swing states, Trump also forced to defend

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump is being forced to play to protect Electoral College with a trip to Iowa in 2016, a state he won hands down in 2016 but where Democrat Joe Biden was a late Pushing through.

Trump’s massive visit this week, including his Wednesday rally in Des Moines, marks his ascent three weeks before the election. He has already visited Pennsylvania and Florida and will lead them to another battlefield for which he could possibly win without North Carolina – plus he thought they were once in his grasp, but where Recent voting improved Biden – Iowa and Georgia

Both candidates set their election campaign on Tuesday to inspire the best voters who could cast a possible deciding ballot.

Biden went for the old electorate in Florida, a state knockout blow Trump needed to win while trying to woo a group whose support for the president has slipped. And Trump visited Pennsylvania, arguably the most important state on the electoral map, in the backyard of his opponent to make fierce attacks on Biden’s fitness for office.

“He’s shot, guys. I hate to tell you that he’s been shot,” Trump told a large rally crowd in Johnstown, adding that there was extra pressure on him to win because Biden of all time The worst presidential candidate was. “Can you imagine if you could lose a man in this way?” It’s unbelievable. “

In his second rally since contracting the novel Coronovirus, Trump spoke for tightly and mostly maskless packs in the thousands over an hour. Like the night before in Florida, Trump seemed healthy, and his rhetoric on the epidemic – including the skeptical claims that it was mostly a thing of the past – proved little changed despite his own threatening kisses to members of the audience, in addition to his threats Its immunity to.

Trump made a local pitch, making a false claim at home that a Biden administration would limit fracking to areas where the economy is too reliant on energy. Biden’s proposal would only prevent new leases on federal land, a part of America’s fracking operations. Insisting on his abolition of the federal rule that would have brought more low-income housing to the suburbs, Trump zeroed in on groups he has struggled to maintain support in, in which female voters turned hostile.

“That’s why I ask you to do me a favor. Suburban Women: Would You Like Me? Please. Please. I saved your damn neighborhood, okay? “Trump said.” Second thing: I don’t have enough time to be good. You know, I can do it, but I have to leave early. “

Biden spent the day in Florida, his third trip to the state in a month, expanding his antagonisms with older voters. According to Trump, “You are worth spending, you are an indulgence, you really are none,” Biden said at a senior center in Pembroke Pines, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from Fort Lauderdale.

“Only the senior seems to care about Donald Trump” is himself, Biden added.

After not criticizing Trump enough to often promote wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus, Biden wore two masks, one N95 under a blue surgical mask, as he was displaced in Florida. Later in the day, he switched to his usual way of donating just one.

Pembroke Pines, Introducing Debut in Democratic Rep. Debbie Wassman Shultes said that “none of these people would walk into the White House without the blessings of Florida seniors.”

“Too young is made up of the rise of the vote, and thank God for that,” the Florida Congress said. “But it is for residents 65 years or older who still contest in the Sunshine State.”

Biden also organized a drive-in rally designed to promote voter mobilization in the African American community of Mirmar. His swing coincided with a $ 500,000 donation from former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg to increase Democratic turnout in Miami-Dade County.

“I am running as a proud Democrat, but I will rule as an American president,” Biden told supporters as they were scaring their horns as they listened to cars. “I will work hard for those who vote against me who vote for me.”

Back in Washington, Tuesday marked the second day of Senate hearings in the Supreme Court to confirm Judge Amy Connie Barrett. Trump and top Republicans see it as a sharp confirmation to activate conservatives. “Amy was doing incredibly well,” Trump said, referring to those proceedings as he walked out of the White House.

Biden’s campaign believes it can win the White House without Florida’s 29 electoral votes, but it wants to lock the state up to bridge the margin of victory over Trump, which questioned the election’s legitimacy Is where many people will vote during mail-in ballots. Biden has vowed to win over Pennsylvania, but if he falls short, his winning streak ends.

The Trump campaign, meanwhile, has become increasingly concerned about the states it won four years ago, including Ohio, and to a lesser extent Texas. He should win all but at least one of the three great lakes in 2016.

But facing stubborn losses in Wisconsin and Michigan, the president has focused on Pennsylvania afresh.

With 20 electoral votes, Pennsylvania is anchored by Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west. But the rest of the state is largely rural, including small towns and towns where Trump scored four years ago. He will need to go into even greater numbers again, as his chances have diminished since 2016 in places like the vote-rich suburban Philadelphia, where he was exposed to previous Republican measures.

Trump’s rally was at the airport in Johnstown, Cumbria County, a historically coal and steel sector that supported Democrat Barack Obama in 2008. But it has been trending Republican for the past three decades and Trump scored 37 percent in the 2016 election. Talk of victory. The region is largely whispering and has lower rates of mediocre income and college-degrees than the rest of Pennsylvania.

Biden, who was born 220 miles (350 kilometers) away in Scranton, visited Johnstown at the end of last month. The former vice president has tried to cast himself as the champion of working-class voters, accusing Trump of focusing instead on stock market returns and Park Avenue values.

Despite the epidemic, Trump’s campaign has prioritized personal events and aggressive door-knocking as it seeks to exclude new and low-prevalence voters, including more members of the white working class who have been pro-Democrats in the past Can.


Freaking Report from Johnstown, Pa .; Leamer reports from New York; Pembroke Pines, Barrow to Barrow. Thomas Beaumont, Pa., Author of The Associated Press in Des Moines, Iowa, and Mark Levy in Harrisburg, Pa. Contributed to this report.


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