FIFA ruining ticket sales for the Women's World Cup, does a terrible job of apologizing

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Football fans who bought tickets to attend the Women's World Cup in France this summer were finally able to download their pre-ordered tickets on Monday. Many who had bought ticket groups were understandably pissed off to discover that not all of their seats would be together.

The Associated Press spoke with some fans who were affected by the mistake and are now struggling to find out how they will attend the games without being separated from their friends, family and children. After receiving what should have been a lot of angry comments from ticket buyers, FIFA tried to do some damage control:

That certainly could have been handled better, and judging by a couple of follow-up tweets that were sent out a few hours later, the fans rushed to communicate their biggest displeasure to FIFA:

Based on some of the responses to those tweets, FIFA's claim that the problem only affected a few fans who bought tickets for the semifinals and finals is a load of bunks:

The tournament begins on June 7. Everything is going very well so far.

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