FFVII Yuffie Remake Episode Duration Revealed

Both Game Watch and the German PlayStation Store explained how long Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Yuffie’s episode will last. Both the main game and the add-on are divided into chapters. While FFVII remake It has 18 chapters, the story of the Yuffie episode will be told in two chapters. [Thanks, Attack of the Fanboy and Nibel!]

As a reminder, the Yuffie bonus episode will follow Wutai and Sonon’s ninja. The two are on a mission to their country to obtain some Matter from Shinra. This is a PS5 specific add-on that follows the two. Based on the initial trailer for State of Play, it looks like it could be set during the time Cloud is with Aerith. Also, although it focuses on Yuffie and Sonon, the first images of the game also showed Tifa and Barret in Sector 7.

People who purchase the standard or digital Deluxe version of FFVII Remake Intergrade get the game, Yuffie episode and a Cacstar shuriken for her to handle. PS4 owners who also own a PS5 get a free version of the game for PS5, but have to pay more for the add-on. However, the PlayStation Plus version of FFVII remake does not qualify for the free PS5 update.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available immediately for the PS4, and the PS5 version is on the way on June 10, 2021.

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