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Felton shines in exchange for the rotation.

Before Monday night, the Thunder fans had not seen Raymond Felton step on the court since December 30. But when he returned to the Thunder game against Portland in the third quarter, he had won a booming ovation.

In the Thunder victory of 120-111 on Monday, Felton scored a record 15 points as the unit's second point guard. He took care of Dennis Schroder while Schroder was away for personal reasons.

"I have a lot of confidence in Raymond", the coach of Thunder Billy donovan Said before the game. "He has done a great job from the bank when he has not been playing, in practice, exercising, staying committed, I have every confidence in him."

He was right in doing it.

Portland fans have not forgiven Felton for coming back from the 2011 NBA block out of form in his only season with the Trail Blazers, booing every time he returns to Portland. On Monday, he gave them another reason to be angry with him.

Felton took six minutes to score seven points.

Then, when he overlapped with Russell Westbrook, Felton became a nightmare for the Blazers on the perimeter, draining two open triples in the last four and a half minutes of the first half. He ended the night shooting 60 percent from the 3-point range (3 out of 5). Donovan said he did not want to comment on Schroder's availability beyond Monday. The owner's Instagram story on Monday included the message "Special Day," followed by a series of emojis, including one for a baby.

Filling in for Grant

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