Feeling blue: Juno from NASA captures Jovian clouds of Jupiter in striking hues – See photo


New Delhi: From its seamless transit from Earth to its orbit destined for Jupiter, NASA's Juno spacecraft has been transmitting amazing data about the planet and offering space enthusiasts spectacular visual gifts from time to time .

With many inflection points that mark his year-long trip in the orbit of Jupiter, Juno has revolutionized the perception and understanding of the world of the gas giant.

In another magnificent image published by NASA, Jupiter can be seen showing its jovial clouds in striking shades of blue.

Juno captured this image when the spacecraft was only 11,747 miles (18,906 kilometers) from Jupiter's clouds, approximately the distance between New York and Perth, Australia.

improved color image, which captures a cloud system in the northern hemisphere of Jupiter, was taken on October 24, 2017 at 10:24 a.m. PDT (1:24 pm EDT) when Juno was at a latitude of 57.57 degrees (almost three fifths of the way from Jupiter's equator to its north pole) and making its ninth close flyby of the giant gas planet.

According to NASA, due to the Juno-Jupiter-Sun angle when the spacecraft captured this image, the higher-altitude clouds can be seen projecting shadows into their surroundings.

The behavior is more easily observable in the whiter regions of the image, but also in some isolated spots in the lower and right areas of the image. [19659002] Citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran processed this image using data from the JunoCam camera.

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