Feds seized around $ 400K of ‘fake Apple AirPods’ which are actually OnePlus Buds

In a really bizarre situation that I’m still trying to wrap my head around, US Customs and Border Security tweeted tonight Its officials “recently seized 2,000 fake Apple AirPods from Hong Kong, priced at $ 398K, which they were genuine.” A press release also stated: “CBP officials are protecting the American public from various threats on a daily basis,” said CBP New York area director of operations Troy Miller in the release. “The blocking of these fake earbuds is a direct reflection of the vigilance and commitment by our CB Offices to the success of the mission every day.” These units originated from Hong Kong and were seized at JFK on 31 August; According to the press release, he was the head of Nevada.

The only problem is that based on the agency’s own photos, the seized products appear in legitimate OnePlus Buds – a box that clearly states as much. But CBP proudly tweeted “Thoughts a n Apple”, as if its people unearthed a forged piece of 18th-century art. It is unclear if all of the 2,000 blocked units were OnePlus Buds, although CBP images are anecdotal.

A screenshot of the US Customs and Border Protection press release.

I have no idea what led CBP to stop these units on their tracks beyond their usual AirPods-like aesthetic. Yes, the form factor that Apple has created has now been shared by many wireless wireless earbuds in the market. But you don’t go to all of them at the airport. Nowhere is OnePlus mentioned in the press release, and there is no clarity on whether officials knew what they were seeing. Many people will confuse white OnePlus Buds with AirPods!

A photo of the white and blue / green OnePlus Buds.

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

But again, the boxes in these photos say OnePlus Buds. This is not a Knockoff AirPods box that uses the wrong font or something. At least there is no trickery in playing with the seized product. If AirPods were supposed to be in that shipment, that’s another story.

The ledge Both OnePlus and CBP have reached out to more information about operations on JFK. Was it a shameful gaff by border officials, or a wake-up call requiring earbud manufacturers to be a bit more original? Probably both. You may have detected the blue OnePlus Buds.