Federal Watchdog investigates open response to capital riots

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Federal Watchdogs responded to the FBI, Pentagon, and other law enforcement agencies rioting in the US Capitol, including extensive information on whether to share information failures and other preparations to leave the historic symbol of democracy. Responded. Unsafe to attack by a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump.

Inquiries made to the Departments of Inspectors General, Justice, Homeland Security, Interior, and Defense have the potential to severely criticize the government for dealing with a fatal breach in the Capitol in which Trump’s armed loyalists instigated police and came to elected officials. In close contact with. The reviews will cover everything from whether the FBI has adequately shared information with potential law enforcement agencies for the violence to how the Pentagon mobilized for the Jan. 6 crisis.

More than a week after initiation, multiple, simultaneous inquiries begin as failures in the government’s preparation, coordination, and response. For instance, Capitol police have said that they only prepared for the First Amendment Activity at the Capitol the day lawmakers gathered to authenticate President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory over Trump, although Trump Had itself encouraged its supporters to come for weeks. Shortly before Washington and the riot he was called to “fight like hell” at a rally.

The Pentagon has said that the Capitol Police turned down a proposal for help before the riots. Once it became clear on the day of the incident that it would need help, the Defense Department had to scramble to bring in a large number to support the police.

An FBI official initially said there was no intelligence information suggesting out-of-control violence, later admitting that the bureau was aware of the warning on the Internet message board, although the official said the message was a The person was not responsible.

More on Capitol Siege:

At the Department of Justice, the Inspector General will investigate whether justice was adequately shared information by other agencies, including the Capitol Police, about the potential for violence.

“It will also assess whether there are any weaknesses in DOJ protocols, policies, or procedures that adversely affect the ability of the DOJ or its constituents to respond to incidents at the US Capitol in January,” the inspector general said.

The review will almost certainly include an assessment of the intelligence that the Justice Department – and the FBI in particular – collected before and after the riots. It comes days after the FBI accepted that one of its field offices prepared an internal bulletin warning of possible violence aimed at Congress.

The Washington Post reported that a Jan. 5 report from the FBI’s field office in Norfolk stated that the bulletin had made elaborate threats from extremists to “wage war.”

Assistant Director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, Steven D’Antuno, said that once he was warned, the information was quickly shared with other law enforcement agencies through the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Washington, DC.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General said it would focus on the response of its constituent agencies, focusing in part in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis. This unit issues alerts to law enforcement agencies across the country.

The Interior Department’s Interior Sentinel, meanwhile, will review the action of the Park Police on the site of Trump’s speech to Ellipse at a rally before the riot.

And the Department of Defense inspector general announced that it was beginning to review the “roles, responsibilities and functions” of the Pentagon, for which Trump spoke and prepares for an uprising in the Capitol to protest.


Associated Press authors Ellen Naikmeier and Ben Fox contributed to this report.


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