Federal Gun, alleged leader of Chicago Black Disciples identified as ‘Murder’ amid numerous allegations in drug investigation

Authorities said Wednesday that the alleged leader of the Chicago Street Gang, nicknamed “Murder,” is involved in federal gun and drug charges after 23 years of investigation.

Darnell “Murder” McMiller, 34, has been described as the leader of one of the city’s biggest gangs, the Black Chella. Several other alleged high-ranking members, including members of the gang’s “Dog Pound” faction, were also charged.

On 27 January, Clarence reportedly leads the subset. He is accused of three handcuffs.

The Justice Department said that Kenneth Brown, 59, supplied gang drugs throughout the city and Charles Knight supplied drugs to McMiller’s crew. Brown is accused of conspiring with 48-year-old Terence Morris to distribute heroin in March 2019, according to a criminal complaint.

Trump, the “major” agents for CHICAGO, was dispatched to other plotlines in a timely manner.

Darnell “Murder” McMiller, 34, is the alleged leader of the Black Chella Street Gang in Chicago. He was one of 23 suspects involved in a year-long investigation into the sale of guns and drugs in the city’s South Side.
(Justice Department )

McMiller allegedly conspired with Knight, the 56-year-old, to distribute fentanyl-led heroin to an informant in September 2019. Another 47-year-old man, John Actor, is accused of bank fraud.

Authorities said during an investigation into the sale of guns and drugs in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, officers recovered 24 firearms and several quantities of cocaine, fentanyl-led heroin, crack cocaine, ecstasy and about $ 52,600.

“While there are many things to overcome the violent crime problem of our city, including – generating employment, providing strong education resources and such – one thing that every reasonable person can agree on is that violent criminals Should be held accountable. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, US crime attorney John Lausch said at a news conference Wednesday.

McMiller has been targeted by federal authorities for years. In 2013, he was charged with three counts of distributing a controlled substance. According to the Sun-Times, he pleaded guilty to one count and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Lausch declined to comment when asked whether Lawrence’s assassination “Big Law” Logins, the previous leader of the Black Disciples in 2019, influenced the investigation.

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Federal agents have deployed to deal with the rise in violent crime in Chicago as of Wednesday’s announcement. Officials said Operation Legend, which authorized the deployment of federal forces in cities to assist local law enforcement in curbing violent crime, would make more arrests.

“The influx of federal resources under Operation Legend, announced last week,” said Lauch, in restoring the rule of law to rid our neighborhood of gun-toters and drug traffickers and keep people safe Is there to help. ” .

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