Federal agency says employers may require workers to receive COVID-19 vaccine

A major federal agency said this week that employers can legally prohibit their employees from receiving COVID-19 vaccines and entering their workplace if they refuse.

In the guidance released on Wednesday, the American Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EOC) said that requiring testing would not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990. Law employers require medical tests such as blood tests that seek information about an employee’s physical or mental conditions. , But the EOC stated that a COVID-19 vaccine does not fall into that category.

The Commission stated, “If an employee is administered to an employee by an employer to protect against the contract of COVID-19, the employer is not seeking information about a person’s weaknesses or current health status, therefore “This is not a medical examination,” the commission said.

“There are many reasons that may explain why an employee has not been vaccinated, which may or may not be related to disability”.

Public health experts have said that they anticipate that employers will play a key role in helping bring the nation to significant levels of comprehensive immunity as vaccines are more widely available. Two vaccines, one from Pfizer / BioNTech and another from Moderna, have already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is projected to beat the administration of the Moderna vaccine in the coming days .

Nevertheless, with the permission of the EOC, employers must be vigilant about any information that may be sparked by pre-screening questions that the government said should be “job-related and in line with business need.” ”

A requirement for employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine may play a key role in ensuring that experts say there is a skeptically high rate of exposure to the shot.

While vaccines are considered one of the most important tools to reduce the spread of the disease, a Gallup poll last month found that only 58 percent of Americans said they would receive a vaccine.

To increase public confidence in one shot, another female vice president, Pence Karen PenceKaren Soo Pence’s 12:30 report by Hill: The first White House officials to receive the COVID-19 vaccine requested Americans to ‘step into the plate’ and vaccinated Pence received coronovirus vaccine on camera And Surgeon General Jerome adamsJerome Adamsfousi urges Americans to ‘step up to the plate’ and get vaccinated, Pence gets coronovirus vaccine on camera Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by MasterCard – Congress slogans towards COVID-19 relief, omnibus deal Everyone received a Pfizer shot on live television this week, and the presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenas Consulate on Money to Close Two Russia: Congress Passes Bill to Prevent Shutdown as Coronovirus Talks Pull Over Weekend. Federal Reserve Action Relief Relief Negotiations Leading Legal Experts Urge Aggressive Immigration Action More Will do the same next week.

While vaccines provide a light at the end of the rollout tunnel, the nation is still predicting the virus to be the deadliest phase before becoming widely available in spring and summer. Public health experts expect a spike in cases that unfold after Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the country is beginning to report more than 3,000 deaths in a single day.


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