Fed tries to shut down Trump capital’s infiltrator ‘John Sullivan’

Accused Capitol rioter John Sullivan – an anti-Trump activist who allegedly barged into an off-the-rail rally – has a history of violence in protests and “thrives on chaos,” a federal prosecutor’s unsuccessful bid to shut him down Warned in DC case further

“He thrives on chaos,” DC-based federal prosecutor Brian N. Reeves told a judge in the Sultan’s home state of Utah during a Friday night zoom hearing on which he was ordered to arrest the house over prosecution objections.

The Revs told the judge, “The defendant uses a messaging app to set up meetings and settle riots.”

To provoke and harass people, Reeves argued the former Olympic speed skater and self-propelled provocative writer, “even as individual members of the organizations that have overthrown him,”.

Sullivan also had plans to return to the Capitol on Inauguration Day, Reeves argued.

This, despite accusations of not less than three charges.

Sullivan on Thursday turned himself in on charges of civil disarray in Utah, conduct after entering a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly attending a violent crowd of President Trump supporters who created a ruckus in the US Capitol last week Was.

But he was accused of inciting a riot in Provo, Utah, which resulted in the shooting of a motorist, and on which he allegedly threatened violence and committed criminal mischief.

During that riot, Sullivan incited other protesters “to block public roadways”, Reeves said.

Elaborating on that case, the prosecutor revealed that Sullivan is accused of threatening to enter a civilian vehicle “kicking the woman inside,” with her ass and her head beaten, causing “innocent health.” And the common citizen was negligent towards welfare. “

When he was in Provo for that rally, he was online “to provoke others in Portland, Oregon, to oppose the police,” added Reeves.

Nevertheless, Magistrate Judge Daphne Oberg ordered the 26-year-old Sullivan to remain independent on DC and Provo matters, but be placed under strict House arrest.

The judge said that his internet usage and travel would be monitored, and he was barred from leaving his home in addition to court-approved appointments.

It is also necessary to submit it for mental health assessment. He should appear in his next DC court on Capital Riot, which will take place on January 22 at 1 pm.


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