Fed Block Voting, Arrest is ‘Seditious’ Daily Beast Staff

Roger Stone wants us all to know he is positive President Trump will win the upcoming election – so much so that federal agents should seize the ballot in Nevada and “physically stand” voting on the pretext of plotting for the Democratic election ” needed . In an interview earlier this week, Infowars host Alex Jones asked what the president should do in light of the fact that “it’s obvious [the Dems] Seeming they could steal the election, Stone urged the president to conduct a nationwide election operation in which federal agents could file “legal objections” or virtually stop voting. “Ballot papers must be seized by federal marshals in Nevada on election night and taken from the state. They are completely corrupt. No vote from the state of Nevada should be counted if this is a proven case. Send the Federal Marshal to the Clark County Election Board, Mr. President! “Freshly forgiven Trump confidant said.

He suggested that journalists should be rounded up for any “traitorous” activity around Trump’s alleged guaranteed electoral victory. According to Stone, taxing a “traitor” may be enough to make Trump lose the election but refuse to recognize the consequences. Commenting on such a report from The Daily Beast, Stone claimed, “This is a projection … if The Daily Beast is temporarily involved in traitorous and illegal activities, their entire staff may be detained and Their office can be closed. They want to play war, this is war … I am for a legal election. Everything I am going to include in the case of Donald Trump helping to get elected is Will be completely transparent and legal. ”Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and testifying last November before testifying to Trump.

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