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Features of watchOS 6: New applications, faces of view and more

Last week, we analyzed all the new features you can expect to see in iOS 13 at WWDC next month. However, iOS 13 is the only major update revealed at the event. Read on as we summarize some of the new features that come to Apple Watch with watchOS 6.

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Release date of watchOS 6 |

Apple will offer its first look at watchOS 6 in just a couple of weeks at its World Developers Conference. From there, we can expect a beta version of the same day for developers. Apple does not offer the public bet of watchOS, but everyone can try watchOS 6 when it is published in September.

New faces clock + complications.

One of the most popular changes with every update of watchOS is the addition of new watch faces. Apple has just added a new Pride face as part of watchOS 5.2.1, and watchOS 6 will include even more new options for Apple Watch users.

Bloomberg Apple reports that it has a handful of new watch designs with watchOS 6. A new gradient face will allow the user to choose a color and have a gradient color clock face design based on that color. Two new watch faces, called "X-Large", will show "giant numbers in different fonts and colors".

There is also a new "California" watch face design in works that combine Roman numerals with Arabic numerals for the look of a classic watch face design. The popular analogue solar face will also be redesigned this year, while a new face "Subdial of infographics" will feature "more complicated views of complication, such as a stock market or climate chart."

In addition to the new faces of the watch, Apple also allegedly plans new complications for watchOS 6. These new complications include those of audiobook playback, battery life of hearing aids, external noise measurement and rain data.

Extended Apple Watch authentication on Mac |

Features of watchOS 6

This new feature will come to watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15. 9to5Mac reported earlier this year that macOS 10.15 will include improved integration with Apple Watch.

Apple Watch has been compatible for a long time to unlock a nearby Mac, but the authentication support is expected to expand with macOS 10.15 and watchOS 6 this year. Apple Watch users can authenticate other operations on the Mac that are not just unlocks.

The details remain unclear, but it is possible that all the authentication mechanisms that currently depend on Mac are also authenticated with Apple Watch. There may also be a new interface in Apple Watch, similar to the Apple Pay interface, to confirm authentication in macOS.

App Store for watchOS |

One of the other new features of watchOS 6 will be a new app store application directly on Apple Watch itself. Currently, the watchOS app store is hidden in the Apple Watch app on iOS. However, with watchOS 6, users will be able to access the watchOS app store directly from their wrist.

This should, ideally, help spread the adoption of third-party watchOS 6 applications. Many watchOS users do not know that the watchOS AppOS application exists, and having to install applications through a paired iPhone is a somewhat complicated and overly complicated process.

Other new applications |

Bloomberg also reported that watchOS 6 will present a handful of other new applications. It is said that Apple is an application of Books for Apple Watch focused on audiobooks. In theory, this would work in a similar way to the Podcasts application, allowing users to download audiobooks and listen to them directly from their Apple Watch.

WatchOS 6 is also expected to include two new health applications: one called "Cycles" to track menstrual cycles, and another called "Doses" to administer the pill dose and reminders. Apple will also bring the Voice Memos app to iPhone with watchOS 6, which will allow users to make quick recordings from their wrist.

Last but not least, watchOS 6 is expected to finally add a Calculator application to Apple Watch, as well as support for Animoji and Memoji.

Sleep tracking |

Features of watchOS 6

Apple will probably have to wait another year before Apple adds native tracking to watchOS. A February report suggests that Apple employees have been testing the Apple Watch for several months, with Apple currently aiming for a launch by 2020. Although it is possible that the feature may move until this year, 2020 seems a bet solid for now.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to track your dream using your Apple Watch hardware and software, we have a detailed guide to do just that.

watchOS 6 features wish list |

While these are some of the features that have been rumored for watchOS 6, there are many other possibilities. Be sure to check Zac Hall's complete wish list for other possible watchOS 6 features. What are you looking to see this year's Apple Watch update? Let us know in the comments.

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