Fears of winter storm with a foot of snow in Colorado’s early season: report

Most of Colorado will undergo some sort of weather advisory over the next 24 hours, as Labor Day’s high heat and 92-degree temperatures will be replaced by a possible record-breaking cold as a frontal move in the state, leading to winter-like The situation could occur – the Denver Post reported that including snow and below-freezing temperatures.

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Temperatures are likely to drop to a low of around 60 degrees – 33 with winds of up to 17 degrees. Tonight with the National Weather Service is very assured of rain, this is a 100% chance. The rain is expected to start from late Monday, before turning to snow overnight, with most snow expected after 11 am Tuesday.

Tuesday’s temperature is not expected to rise above 35 degrees, NSW said, expected to drop to 29 degrees on Tuesday night. The report said that 40 percent rainfall is expected before 2 pm on Wednesday.

The mountains are prone to heavy snowfall, the Post reported, while Denver should see dull, wet snowfall by Tuesday morning, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Potential snow accumulation for Denver and Colorado Springs is thought to be in the 5-inch range, while higher elevations could see about one foot of snow, the Post reported.

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The report notes that such early-season snowfall is unusually early, it is not Denver’s earliest recorded snowfall. In 1961, Denver’s Labor Day storm dropped 4.2 inches of snow. However, this storm would make the second-earliest snow dam on record when the 0.7-inch sept 8 fell on 1962.