FDA issues alerts on hand sanitizer products from Mexico

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an import warning on hand sanitizer products from Mexico amidst serious safety concerns. The FDA aims to prevent potentially harmful products from crossing US borders before they review their safety.

The agency cited concerns over methanol-contamination, which is toxic when the chemical is absorbed through the skin, and is life-threatening.

A statement issued on Tuesday said, “Under import warnings, alcohol-based hand sanitizers from Mexico are subject to an import offer, and FDA staff may stop shipments.” “As part of a review of their entry, FDA staff will consider any specific evidence offered by importers or manufacturers that hand sanitizers were manufactured in accordance with America’s current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. This is the first time FDA has approved any Has issued a nationwide import alert for. Pharmaceutical product category. “

The methanol-contaminated hand sanitizer can be toxic when absorbed into the skin, and is life-threatening, the FDA warned. (IStock)


The FDA Associate Commissioner for Epidemic Control, Judy McMeekin, stated that the use of hand sanitizers during an epidemic raises import alerts. He said that action is necessary to protect a safe supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

The agency’s analysis of Mexico products last year found that the vast majority (84%) did not conform to the regulations. More than 50% of the samples contained toxic elements such as methanol and 1-propanol at harmful levels.

In sanchol, these sanitizers have been made with FDA SAYS.

The FDA warned that methanol-contaminated hand sanitizer may cause blindness, cardiovascular and central nervous system effects, hospitalization, and death. Those who ingest the products are most at risk, although applying the products on hand can lead to methanol poisoning.

The FDA maintains a list of specific hand sanitizers to avoid, which have swallowed over 200 products. Other hand sanitizers from Mexico recently flagged by the FDA include “4E Global SAPI Day CV” products, among other manufacturers.

“Consumers who hand out sanitizer contaminated with methanol and are experiencing symptoms should contact their local poison control center and seek immediate medical treatment,” the statement said.

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