FDA approves saliva COVID-19 test from Washington University in St. Louis

scheduled tribe. LOUIS (KY3) – Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis collaborated with Fluidigm, a California-based biotechnology company, to develop a new COVID-19 saliva test.

This week the FDA approved the tests, which the researchers say will produce results in a few hours. They hope that this will mean that patients can get their results back within a day.

Washington University School of Medline worked with Fluidigam to create the tests. The university says this is a cheaper and faster test method. The test does not require swabs, and other laboratory supplies are currently in short supply.

“This is a significant advance in the COVID-19 trial which is a simpler, faster and more economical test for our ability to detect COVID-19 infection levels within the community through large-scale population screening for SARS-CoV.” Can extend -2 virus, ”Professor Jeffrey Milbrandt said in a Washington University news release.

Instead of a nasal inflammation, people would simply spit into a small tube and provide a sample of saliva. Developers say the new tests are highly sensitive to detect small levels of virus in saliva samples.

They also say that people will be able to collect their samples without the help of health workers.

“People can collect the sample themselves, and this does not require inconvenient runny nose,” Millbrand said in the release. “Another problem with current testing is the lack of some lab supplies that are required to process viral samples. We have developed a method for processing saliva samples that do not require these specific supplies. “

The tests do not require the same genetic material as current tests, with some researchers saying this new test would be less time consuming and less expensive.

“There is an urgent need to simplify the testing of COVID-19 so that people who are infected can be easily and quickly identified,” said Professor Richard Head of the University of Washington.

The new methodology aims to allow a much larger number of rapid tests so that people can return to work and students can return to school.

Earlier in the week, Gov. Mike Parson tweeted about the new tests, saying that it would “help to increase the versions of the tests and improve turn over for test results.”

Researchers say they believe they will be able to do tens of thousands of saliva tests every week. It is also expected that saliva testing will help detect positive cases before people start showing symptoms or in people who are asymptomatic. At the top, they say that tests have the ability to test for other viruses at the same time.

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