FCC President Ajit Pai will step down on January 20

FCC President Ajit Pai has inaugurated President-Elect Joe Biden on 20 January, when he announced plans to leave the commission. Pai has served on the FCC since 2012.

“It is a lifetime honor to serve as chairman of the FCC over the last four years at the Federal Communications Commission,” Pai said in a statement. “It has been a special privilege to be the first Asian-American to chair the FCC. As I often say: Only in America. “

Pai was appointed chairman in 2017 and served for the duration of the Trump administration, overseeing an unusually active period in federal telecommunications policy. He began his tenure with the controversial decision to withdraw the Title II classification, which enforces Net Neutrality rules under President Obama.

Recently, Pai oversaw the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, which he called “a unique opportunity to accelerate the deployment of 5G across the United States”. Pai implemented new measures to fight dacoits and established a national suicide prevention hotline number. Pai’s tenure coincided with a significant change in Republican telecom policy, with Republican commissioners like Brendan Carr advocating a more aggressive FCC role for regulating social media platforms.

In his statement, Pai placed special emphasis on the procedural transparency measures he put in place. “For the first time, we have made public drafts of proposals and orders for a vote three weeks before the agency’s monthly meetings,” Pai said, adding that it is the most transparent FCC in history.

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