FBI vetting of National Guard members involved in securing US Capitol

The enhanced screening measures come when thousands of National Guard members are patrolling the streets of the country’s capital before the inauguration day.

Major General William Walker said of ABC’s Good, “What happens is that they are screened before they leave the state and it is a credentialing process, so they are screened and screened repeatedly is.” Morning america. “

Walker did not state that the screening included specific questions about members’ beliefs around the validity of the election, but that they are screening increased backgrounds.

“No, it’s all about the background. So, a regular background check is enhanced with more screening, more detail and it is leveled so the FBI is part of it, the Secret Service is part of it and once they are certain “There is no insider. Then that soldier, guardsman or airman is threatened,” he said.

Walker stressed that members of the National Guard take note of entering service and this is another layer.

CNN has previously reported that the US military is working with the Secret Service to determine if there are soldiers who will be part of the National Guard providing security at the inauguration that needs additional background screening.

An army spokesman said in a written statement, “DC is providing additional training to members of the National Guard Service as they arrive in the nation’s capital to see if they see or hear something that is not appropriate, they will receive a series of Should be reported. ” CNN since last week

“There is no room for extremism in the army and we will examine each report individually and take appropriate action,” the statement said.

Clarifying the scope of the Capitol attack, as Washington closed for the inauguration of Biden

The statement said, “The military is committed to working closely with the FBI as they identify those who participated in the violent attack on the Capitol to determine if individuals had any connection to the military Is, “the statement states that it includes any type of activity” such as violence, civil disobedience, or breach of the peace, “may be punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or under state and federal law.

Current Department of Defense policy requires all service members to be trained annually under a program requiring that department personnel “have any information about known or suspected extremist behavior that the department or the United States Could be a threat to “, the statement said.

New details linking a rioter to the army emerge

New details have surfaced that included a rioter in the US Capitol Rebellion that rebelled in the US Army on 6 January.

Among those charged in connection with the riots so far is an Army constable, who federal investigators say has a safety-level security clearance and a long record of posting his extremist views online.

Federal investigators said the Army’s reservoir – Timothy Hale-Quesnally of Colts Neck, New Jersey, was described by an informant as “a boiled white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer.”

Court documents also say, in a phone call with the informer on Thursday, which was recorded by law enforcement, Hale-Kousanelli can be heard saying that he had sent members of the mob through the Capitol Encouraged to “advance” and gave “instructions” and hand gestures through both voices. “It is unclear whether he has been arrested.

Attempts to find and eliminate extremism within the military ranks, especially among those who spy on white supremacist beliefs, began long before this month’s riots in the Capitol, but increased urgency in later days Are based on.

He swore to protect America.  Some also joined the riot

A senior defense official said last week that extremist groups, including white supremacists, place a premium on recruiting current and former members of the military, while extremist members of their group are also trying to join the armed forces. The groups seek military experience and expertise.

The Senior Defense Officer stated, “We are aware that some groups try to actively recruit our personnel, or actually encourage their members to join the military with the aim of gaining skills and experience. ” “We believe that these skills are prized by some of these groups not only for the ability they provide, but it also brings legitimacy to them in their minds.”

CNN’s Barbara Starr and Jamie Crawford contributed to this report.


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