FBI: The woman arrested in the capital riot reportedly said that she wanted to shoot Pelosi in the ‘mind’.

A woman who was arrested in connection with the capital riot on 6 January said that she wanted to shoot the House Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosihuman Rights Campaign Calls for Margery Calories Removes Taylor Green from Committees Democrat Demands Hearing to Expel Marjunjary Taylor Green Capital Police Officer for Honor in Rotunda More. (D-California.) “In Friggin’s Brain.”

Two women, Don Bancroft and Diana Santos-Smith, were arrested in Pennsylvania on Friday in connection with the Capitol attack. Department of Justice (DOJ).

according to a Criminal complaint, The FBI received a tip a week after the riot with a video allegedly taken by Bancroft showing him and Santos-Smith attempting to exit the Capitol.

During the video, Bancroft explicitly stated, “We broke up in the Capitol. … we bumped into. We did our part. ”

Bancroft continued, “We were looking for Nancy to shoot him in Friggin’s mind, but we couldn’t find that,” which was a reference to FBI agent Pelosi.

The FBI said that when she interviewed Santos-Smith around Inauguration Day, she initially said she attended the January 6 rally, but did not enter the Capitol. She later confessed to being inside the building after the video was shown.

On the day of the riots, crowds of Trump supporters disrupted the building’s security and broke down the holidays, roaming and lawmakers’ offices, including Pelosi. A person was photographed in a chair in Pelosi’s office, and another person was seen carrying the speaker’s lecture in the building.

The two women stated that they had been inside the building for more than a minute and had taken video from inside the Capitol. According to authorities, Bancroft sent the video to his children, and later gave instructions to remove it.

Women were charged with intentionally entering any prohibited building or ground or without legal rights; Knowingly engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct in any prohibited building or grounds; Violent penetration and disorderly conduct on Capitol Ground, according to the DOJ.

News of Bancroft’s remarks come in the form of law enforcement, who take security measures to monitor the threat from lawmakers.

More than 5,000 National Guardsmen are expected to remain in Washington, D.C., at least through mid-March and Capitol Police officers Will be stationed Many stop at DC airports as well as Union Station to monitor railway lawmakers as they travel.

More than 150 arrests have been made so far that five deaths have occurred in connection with the riots, including a Capitol police officer.


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