FBI has opened more than 160 cases for the pro-Trump capital riot

WASHINGTON – The nation’s military leadership on Tuesday condemned last week’s storm of the Capitol by a Trump supporter crowd as a conspiracy to overthrow the government, while federal prosecutors said they were investigating more than 160 cases and included Treason charges weighed in on some of them.

Washington continued to grapple with security concerns and threats of violence from extremist Trump supporters centered around the inauguration of next week’s presidential election, Joe Biden, a Democrat. Overwriting of the Capitol sparked criticism from lawmakers and others, who said federal officials were not prepared for the possibility of violence last week.

A US defense official said that in another sign of a difficult posture, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy has decided to allow members of the National Guard to be sent to Washington through next week’s presidential inauguration to carry weapons. .

Earlier in the day, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and heads of US military branches called the attack on January 6, with violent, pro-Trump hordes forcibly entering the Capitol, where lawmakers are authenticating Biden’s presidential victory Were, “a direct attack on the US Congress, the Capitol Building, and our constitutional process.” The statement also refuted the unfounded claims made by some Republican lawmakers and Trump supporters that they were the actual winners of the election, an unusual situation for a military that usually clarifies domestic politics.

“On January 20, 2021, according to the constitution, ratified by states and courts, and certified by Congress, President-Elect Biden will be inaugurated and become our 46th commander-in-chief,” the statement signed the joint chief. , Commander Mark Miley met, and commander of the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard and Space Forces.


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