FBI caught fugitive after nearly 50 years on Lam in Michigan

The Pittsburgh FBI has apprehended a fugitive who was behind bars for being convicted of a murder when he survived nearly 50 years ago.

Leonard Moses, now 68, was convicted in 1968 of participating in a firebombing of a residence during the Riots in Pittsburgh, which Dr. Martin was disbanded after the assassination of Luther King. A woman died of burns.

FBI agent Michael Christman said that after visiting Lam in 1971, Moses was known as Paul Dixon in Grand Blanc last month, where he had been working as a travel pharmacist since at least 1999. He was arrested at his home on Thursday.

For the 68-year-old Leonard Moses, the Mughals took over in 2020 and 1968
(Genesee County Sheriff’s Office / FBI)

“I hope this arrest brings some close attention to the family members of Mary Amplo, who was killed back in 1968,” said Christman, who runs the bureau’s Pittsburgh office. “Mr. Moses will now face justice for his murder.”

Fugitive fugitives are being searched at Georgia Sheriff Depot

The FBI tried to spark interest in the case in 2016, interviewing family members and associates and chasing 2,000 leads, but was unable to find out his whereabouts.

Moses was serving a life sentence for killing the woman when he absconded to attend his grandmother’s funeral in 1971.

Undoubtedly a CVS where he was working, five months before the WJRT-TV report to steal 80 hydrocodone pills in St. Clair Shores, Mich. There was a June arrest.

Fugitive fugitive based in MEXICO, to go back to Baxaghat

He allegedly confessed to stealing the bullets and claimed that he threw them from his car on his way home that night, the station reported.

On October 28, he went to the police station for a mug shot and took his fingerprints.

Officials said fingerprints are run through an FBI database, which was arrested from Moses in 1968.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune, the arrest occurred without arrest, Christman said.

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“I know that the officers shouted Moses’ name and got a response,” Christman said.

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